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    call of duty 4 and mw2 hackers

      Is anything being done about these idiots. seriously infinity ward . Was playing cod4 today and was shot from underneath, above and outside the map.Also was playing s+d on bloc and was shot through a building about 3 seconds after the round started ,watched the killcam and low and behold id just been shot by a grenade launcher the far side of the map that was firing like a machine gun. how are these issues not being looked at.

      Another issue that needs to be addressed are the stupid kids who think its cool to mod games posting stupid messages in the corner of the screen.Its about time they were banned . not just the profile but the ip address too.

      Finally after reading somebody's post on being reset to minus numbers. Happened me in mw2 everything went into minus numbers and i lost everything i had unlocked.no chance of getting them back now but just thought id mention it also. some sad people out there if thats how they get their kicks

      Get a life hackers