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    Why can't we turn off music?

      A simple question, for such a simple feature to implent in options. The one thing i would LOVE to do most is to turn off the music. Why can't the developeres make an option that allows you to turn on/off the in game sound and a SEPERATE option to turn on/off the MUSIC? I do not understand this.


      Honestly, I hope I'm not alone on this one but man I really do not like music in call of duty games..


      I'm an old school PC gamer (who plays on ps3 now) and i never had to put up with music in a video game like this before. i really don't understand why they need to play music when your teams having a victory, or when you are in the lobby. I just want to be able to listen to the in-game sounds without any music and i want to be able to sit in the lobby without any music (i'm trying to talk to my friend in lobby and i have the stupid music playing and can't hear him good...)


      like really, is it necessary to play music when you are winning/losing? some might say "oh it's to let you know you are winning and pump you up!" I'm  not a little kid who needs music to let me know whether i'm winning or losing or music to pump me up during war..I'm quite capable of seeing whether I'm winning or losing on my own and i don't need a game to hold my hand for me.


      I like to focus 100% on gameplay, not 90%, but 100%. I can't be alone on this, there HAS to be others that feel the same way as me.


      So... why?

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          1. Re: Why can't we turn off music?

          So people like you can not sound whore as easily only having the in game battle sounds playing and using a head set to whore the sounds.


          BO started this anti sound whore thing with the loud sounds on some of the maps like the train on wmd. It makes it harder for campers or even run-n-gunners to sound whore with hi-dollar head sets.

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            2. Re: Why can't we turn off music?

            I agree.  The music actually gets old (espceically in teh lobbies).  I have Astros so I always turn down the music between games so we can talk (the mic quality is crappy enough without being drowned out by music).


            I would love an option to turn it off in-game and in the lobbies.  I am just tired of hearing it if nothing else.

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              3. Re: Why can't we turn off music?

              So people like me cannot sound whore in this game? LOL

              That is a stupid reason man...


              If people want an option to turn off the music, we should have that option, whether or not someones has a headset. I use to play without a headset and I STILL wanted the MUSIC OFF ( i just recently purchased a headset 1-2 weeks ago) and i've had the game since NOVEMBER.


              Just because you don't use a headset, doesn't mean there shouldn't be an option to turn music off... Honestly, i don't mind if people disagree with me, but the reason you provided for disagreeing with me is stupid...you are either to immature or selfish to think something like that.

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                4. Re: Why can't we turn off music?

                Exactly, Thank you for your comment...at least some people here are mature .

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                  5. Re: Why can't we turn off music?

                  I agree.  Let us turn off the music.   What other perks besides Sitrep Pro and Ninja get randomly turned off?   How many of you would accept that all perks get turned off whenever music is playing?   There would be screaming from the rafters if they did something that dumb.  And yet they do with with two perks in the game.  Really unbelievable.

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                    6. Re: Why can't we turn off music?

                    Agreed! An who cares if people with headsets have an advantage? Thats like saying you like the crappy lag compensation, It is stupid to dumb down everyones game experience just because some poor little child might not have the same experience as everyone else,


                    Please, add an option to turn off music and crappy arcade sound effects,

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                      7. Re: Why can't we turn off music?

                      Glad to see others feel the same way as me!


                      please add an option to turn off music...if not for this game...please do for future call of duty games .

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                        8. Re: Why can't we turn off music?

                        NO, they should do it for THIS game AND future games.


                        Unrelated other than "let us turn off... ", they should also add an option to turn off "Aim Assist". Was in Black Ops and I loved it.

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                          9. Re: Why can't we turn off music?

                          It's been brought up to Robert Bowling and this is what he said:




                          Though the whole point of SITREP PRO and DEAD SILENCE is about "sound whoring".. or as normal people call it "listening". They shouldn't include perks that are clearly geared towards using audio keys and then cripple them with out of game music. I totally loved the idea of the trains and rockets going off, that made sense that it's not always going to be a perfectly quiet battle field and that sense of realism (for a COD game) is a nice feature. Even the ambient noise of certain maps made it difficult to hear. Kowloon for one had that very loud rain. I think they did a good job on sound for Black Ops (after some tweaks they made shortly after launch). Music that starts playing from nowhere is just broken. Unless perhaps our characters are thought to have some sort of mental disorder where we hear music that's not really there.

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