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    XP Boosting Dedicated Ranked Servers [PC]


      I found some server in MW3 what have XP Boosting config. and if you kill one person you will get a lot of XP and you can earn the prestiges in only one day.

      Its not a client side hack/cheat program than in the MW2 was, its only on the server, and anyone can connect and boost their XP.


      A server owner told me that:

      "This is a server modification , since its not running on your machine , you will not be detected by the VAC , so VAC only detects if YOU run hacks , if the server runs >MODS< you are fine."


      You can earn the 10. prestige in one day if you want. O.o Why it's possible?


      His Video:



      I leveled some level and I connected the server (my friend was on it), and i get a lot of XP.  :O

      I must reset my stat? I don't want that 'cause my normal leveling will be lost. :\

      Is it illegal? The players will get ban if they playing on servers like that?

        I hope not, because the players are victims. Please stop the XP boost possibility on the server side.


      This is the PC version.

      Sorry for my bad English.


      Please help.

      I don't wanna get banned.