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    Uk and US Clan 3volution recruiting

      Now everyone has used their founder bonus, and all the kiddies have there Gold Clan tags. 3volution is recruiting!!!


      We are an active clan, with members all over the world, mostly in the UK, or in the US, we are all around the 25 to 40 mark, and our only rule is that you are over 18.


      We don't care what your KD is or your Win lose ratio, as long and you enjoy gaming your more than welcome to join us. Obvioulsy we do play to win and will play together most nights.


      The clan was formed from one of the largest Wii clans, when key members of that clan upgraded to a PS3 3volution was born. We are looking to make 3volution as big as the old clan.


      At the moment our forum is available at http://3volution.forumotion.co.uk/forum, but we are in the process of building a new website and forum at 3volution.org.


      We mainly play Harcore games but there is always someone online who will play other game types, we also use TeamSpeak rather than the internal game comms, mostly because of the better quailty, but also so we don't have to hear screaming kids.


      If you are looking for a friendly clan, but also want to win and improve, jump onto the forum and introduce yourself, there is always someone to have a game with