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    Anyone still having chat problems?

      The sound is ok but the chat still cuts out and some players sound like they have chite in their mouth.  Anyone else still having problems?

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          I think alot of the problems are caused by the headsets. Had a PC pair I used for WoW I was using until my kids broke it, picked up a pair of Px21's, and on my end, no more problems. Some people still sound like garbage, but a couple of friends who also picked up a pair come through crisper and clenaer.

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            Sound quality is fine, it's the constant drop outs that are annoying...


            Only hearing half a sentance is really ****...


            P.s. Turtle Beach Foxtrots!!

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              i found that the PX-5 voice chat is really bad in mw3(bad sound quality and constantly cutting off 2/3's through sentance), but awesome in every other game that i have, need to use ps3 headset to hear properly, why? conspiracy lol..... ps my friends were using px-5 aswell, we all get the same problem.

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                Still having problems. What I can hear is crystal clear in my TB PX21s', but people are still cutting out constantly mid-sentence. I'm learning to talk like I message....so that hopefully I can get my point across in four words or less...sniper, upper, 2nd window. Oddly, don't have ANY of the same chat problems in my other MP games...just MW3. Also, the feedback issue has not been adressed or resolved. If you've had this happen to you while wearing a headset, you know what I am talkinga bout when I say I've nearly lost my hearing 8 times playing this game.

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                    I thought I was the only person who kept hearing the damn feedback...


                    The first time I heard it, I was playing on Bakara.


                    For a few seconds I honestly thought I was playing MGS4 again, and the "gekko" units had just dropped down on the map.


                    Turning my headset off simply led to the feedback playing through my TV's speakers, but it went away after a few seconds...

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                    When playing in a party the chat is completely ****ed up for me. I can barely understand what my teammates are saying. Playing with randoms in Merc though is perfectly fine, (80% of them never talk but when they do I can hear them just fine).