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        20. Re: EMPs need a nerf

        zedsdeadgraphics wrote:


        fatedtitan wrote:


        I don't care if they destroy a lower kill streak like a Pred or Attack Helicopter.  But when someone is working hard on Assault and gets a big killstreak like an Osprey, an 11-34 player should not be able to take down my killstreak with an EMP.  I've worked for it, they have died for theirs.  EMPs need to be worked on.


        Or he could shoot it down with a rocket. Next.............................


        Blind Eye Pro... I'll just use a damn LMG...


        ... earn that, BK!

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          21. Re: EMPs need a nerf

          how is an emp equivalent to an assult killstreak?.. it doesn't kill anyone.


          an emp is a DEFENSIVE tactic that was put into the game to counter the fact that every 3 seconds a chopper or reaper is put up into the air.


          what happens more often per game. a uav, chopper of some kind or a reaper in the air for almost the entire match - or - an emp? i've seen at most 2 emps per game from one team, and that's a rarity.


          lets be real here. emps counter guys like you who run around with akimbo fmgs and attack helicopter - reaper - pave low set up as killstreaks.

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            22. Re: EMPs need a nerf

            splittinwigs wrote:


            zedsdeadgraphics wrote:

            Or he could shoot it down with a rocket. Next.............................



            LMAO, thought it was just Wiggy...


            Saluting you Sir, you can't see it, but Wiggy is doing it.

            Thank you...Some things are so darn simple it's funny. Really...People mentality is sheet!

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              23. Re: EMPs need a nerf

              Old complaint is old, although I do agree the duration is annoying. If a person that is 11-34 gets an EMP, that means they at least did a few things right. Also a person with Blind eye and a stinger isn't going to let your Osprey stick around for long either.

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                24. Re: EMPs need a nerf

                EMP is a bit too long and shouldn't take out an Osprey. (tbh, I haven't even gotten an Osprey yet. Haven't bothered to try.) Maybe EVERY other killstreak should be destroyed. Also, EMP should interfere with both teams. I don't think actual EMPs have any bais towards who activated them.

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                  25. Re: EMPs need a nerf

                  I have 2 issues with EMP's  they last too long and make my screen fuzy.  I wasnt aware that we were running around with digital ray bans.  I agre that there might be one or 2 people that have the graphic of some sort of face device other than the face shield or gas mask but mostly the avatars have nothing on their face.  Why the heck does it make my screen fuzy?


                  Can I also take this time to complain about how the recon drone stuns you like a concusion grenade and blinds you like flash grenade.  Thats rather annoying.  in fact im gonna ask that in a new thread.

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                    26. Re: EMPs need a nerf

                    Hey instead of b***ing about it in the forum, why don't you run emp and emp them before they can emp you? If you can't beat them join them.


                    Exactly, I've given up worrying about what gun is op this and that and being annoyed with it. (Not that I should have been that way in the first place.) If something is being heavily used just roll that and use it against them.


                    The only thing that grinds my gears is when they brag about it in a lobby about how "l337" they were using those weapons even though they lost, didn't play the objective and and went 34-10. Usually calling them out in the lobby to change thier weapon up fixes it because they either leave the lobby pre-game, rage quit during, or when my team mops the floor with them again and he's only 16-45...


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                      27. Re: EMPs need a nerf

                      Ok the emp, is a very big tactical advantage to have for a team when used appropriatly (saving for the last minute of a game or saving for a new round spawn) so I don't think its general usage should be affected though I think the amount of time it is up for in a game is a little over the top. To have this in team deathmatch 1 minute is a tenth of a full game if the full score is not reached. For shorter game modes I believe the time should be shortened, it is a shame to those who get killstreaks that take them ages to get and not get a chance to use them as they reached the last minute and somebody called in an emp.

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                        28. Re: EMPs need a nerf

                        Personally, Support kill streak should be way higher than stopping at 18 kills.



                        If you can die an unlimited amount of times and still continue a death streak, it better be somewhere in the 20's.


                        Instead of an easily obtainable 18, why not make it 24? This would definitely limmit the amount in the game.
                        This should be applied to the whole support class. So UAV -> 10, SAM -> 15, etc.


                        Hell, why were at it, make UAV 10 kills on assult.
                        That would definitely fix the Assassin problem too.

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                          29. Re: EMPs need a nerf

                          I created this account to reply to this dumb thread.




                          Seriously, people in cod rely too much on everything other than skills, and it is why this community is the biggest crying community out there, fallowed by the BF community. Just cause you claim you worked hard to get 34 and god knows what, doesnt mean you did anything, prob sit in a coner camp, and used you kill streaks to earn the others or prob got an osprey off a care package, dont care, you want to brag about your hard work, get COUNTER STRIKE, which will be out soon, and you can play agaisnt ps3 and pc as well as xbox players on line, get it and really see what hard work and skills really mean, til then you and the rest of the cod whiners can have a cup of STFU cause all you do is cry about everything except your lack of skill.


                          "Hello, I am a COD gamer, where my lack of skills is caused by a broken game."

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