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      • 10. Re: AK-47 weak? Do not think so at all.

        As others have stated, just because you go 26-16 with an AK-47 doesn't make the weapon good.


        I've done well with the underused weapons whether it's a CM-901, MP5, FAD etc (because I like a good challenge) but I still consider them "average" compared to the likes of the PP90, MP7, ACR, Striker etc.


        I don't consider any of the following weapons "OP", just saying that I do MUCH better compared to the underused weapons.

        • 11. Re: AK-47 weak? Do not think so at all.

          since when is going 26-16 good o.O

          the recoil on that gun is a little to much because guns like the g36 and the acr are lazers. to ballance the ak so it can be on par with those guns and to ballance the game the ak needs to have its recoil reduced just a little bit, also they need to come up with a patch to change the way it looks because its just ugly

          • 12. Re: AK-47 weak? Do not think so at all.

            It would be a good gun if it either had less recoil or more damage. I see no reason to use this over any other AR(besides the mediocre CM901) since every other can shoot much faster and have much less recoil. I can also do good with the AK-47. But I will almost always do better with another gun.

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              The Ak47 is very strong, I would not remove the Kick Proficiancy from it though. The max damage (49) does not drop down until it has traveled quite long.


              It keeps the 49 damage 1,5x as long as the CM901 (that also has 49 dmg). But by the time the CM-bullets has dropped down to 30-25 the bullet from the AK is still travelling across the map with 49 damage.


              The Ak47 also fires at 689 RPM compared to CM901:s 666RPM. And as we all know a tenth of a second is all that it takes in some instances.


              I find an easy, simple setup with just the gun, ext mags or a silencer together with the Kick Prof. is just enough. Even with the silencer on it will keep the 49 damage for a longer distance than the CM901.


              Now, I have compared this a lot to the CM901, but it is the only other gun with so high a damage.


              The Ak47 may be a lot of things but it is certainly not weak .

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                I just went 55-8 with a silenced USP. Maybe it is amazing too.

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                  I loved the ak-47 in all the previous call of duty's simply for 1 fact, the recoil. But for some reason iw decided to completely f"over the ak-47 and give it alot of circular recoil which makes it hard to stay on target at medium-long range unless you have a sight.


                  I think this is why most people say it's underpowered.


                  Really wish they'd bring back any other ak-47 form previous call of duty's as i loved the straight upward recoil on them.

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                    To be honest, I think the AK-47 is one of the better AR's in the game. It's been my go to gun with a lot of Call of Duty games over my time of playing the series and I have to say, it's still loyal to me even though I have noticed some slight changes. Take Survival Mode for instance -- the FAD and the CM901 are both awesome guns that require you to unlock the AK-47 first. However, even with the two of them unlocked I still find myself just going with a simple iron sighted AK47.


                    Haven't been a member of this fourm long, I haven't really noticed much complaint about the gun -- apparently a lot of people don't like it. I won't lie, I noticed some change with it but so have most of the other guns. Not enough to turn me off it's awesomeness.

                    • 17. Re: AK-47 weak? Do not think so at all.

                      Low rate of fire. High recoil. Still kills in three shots.


                      It's much better than a certain gun that has a high rate of fire, no recoil, and kills in two shots.

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                        The AK is my 3rd favourite AR, 1st G36C and 2nd being SCAR, i find it to be most effective as an aggressive type weapon, best and short-mid range imo. Problem is people probably attempt to use it at long range, and that's the wrong way as i found out.

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                          I go 10000-0 with a BO Uzi. Does that make it a good gun to choose over, say, the FamAug?

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