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    How Treyarch should dump the FMG (if they cared about wii)

      We know that the FMG is OP and overused and we know that Treyarch have abandoned us but after facing a whole team of people with FMGs today this is how I think they should dump the FMG...

      -Make it recoil out of control

      -kill its range

      -Kill its firepower

      -Make it reload slower

      -Make a shorter clip

      -Don't allow scavenger to make a difference to its ammo

      -Make it heavy so you run slower

      -Have no akimbo

      -Just get rid of this gun


      If they do everything except for the last one it would be great, if they only do the last one it would be perfect.

      Except of course Treyarch have just let the game to die in the sun and none of this would happen.


      Your thoughts...

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