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    ELITE...Totall outrage, who agrees?


      I am absolutely disgusted at the idea, concept and whatever else you want to call Elite. Speaking as a solidly committed bf3 go away Call Of Duty fan I was beyond myself with anger and dissapointment to hear that non subscrbers of Elite will be getting the 1st map pack some two months after subscribers! I just can't believe they would treat us like this. And before someone writes in saying get your wallet out then you tight sod, not all of us can afford the subscription, but we are still committed enough to pay individually for each item and should not be penalised in any way.   Creators of this idea will back up their argumet saying we are not being penalised. Of course we are. We have our money ready to pay for the stuff the elite members have already paid for but are not allowed to pay??? We ARE being punished, it's as simple as that!!!!!! I have hosted call of duty games for as long as I can remember, endorsing, supporting, and making sure each and every player in my lobby has a good time, because I love call of duty. But to be punished for not paying up front extras because I've got little mouths to feed  is a traversty, a real big landmark for me. Maybe it really is time to look elsewhere for entertainment before the system starts screwing us even more for not being lucky enough to have the extra money. Elite subscribers would be expected to have access to extras and have the total download package cheaper overall, there's got to be a perk, I understand that. But it's a massive mistake to keep non subscribers waiting, I don't agree with it, cod is becoming a complete dictatorship. Give us your cash or we'll mess you about for a whole year...I'm ready to walk away, how bout you guys.

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          No.  If you were to subscribe to Elite, then you could get all the map packs for less than all of them seperately.  Also, it's just 1 map that I'm aware of, not a whole map pack.

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            You serious?


            Those who pay money up front should get the same as those who can't afford it? What planet are you living on?


            I can't afford to buy a larger boat, should I just be allowed to get 1 anyway because people richer than me have 1 sooner? No, I have to be happy with what I've got until such time as I can afford to upgrade.


            Get your money out, or wait. Gaming is a business, not a freaking charity

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              yes they have us by the balls but in the long run it does work out cheaper and you get the bonus of elite comps etc.I have held out and not got it yet but I know that I would end up buying the maps anyway so why not and save my self money .I got my game the night it came out and I love it and havent played anything else since!

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                You are not paying more for the map packs individually, you pay LESS if you pay for it upfront just like many things in life.  You have a choice and in fact, if money is an issue for you then it would make sense to get pay for Elite and get them cheaper although to be fair, there's not a lot in it.

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                  Site is good

                  App is good

                  Dlc is good

                  Life is goog



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                    Quote:We have our money ready to pay for the stuff elite members have already paid for but are not allowed to pay ??? we ARE beinng punishined.


                    Self Harm me thinks


                    Might want to think before complaining



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                      I want to watch the NFL playoffs, I bought Sky package, but couldn't afford to buy sky sports, why should people with sky sports get to see them first, I mean I'm a dedicated Sky Fan, but yet they do this to me!


                      Its an outrage!!!



                      I should be given stuff for free because I can't be bothered to get a job or work to get a better paying one!


                      Its the social mentality like the OPs that has fueled the debt crisis around the world, is why you see jobless fuckwits drinking their special brew at 1pm in the afternoon on the streets getting hand outs from the government.

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                        Preach it brother!!

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                          Hey people ELITE is FREE, everything is FREE, you get all for FREE, at least they said it would be

                          HAHAHAHAHAHA ripoff

                          I knew this would be like this and it is very sad that company that made bilion dolars on sales wants MORE and MORE and MOREEEE from us poor people who colecting money for 2 months to buy only the game and I found out that I need more money to buy ELITE and it costs the same as game LOL, and then this I dont get DLC wich I need to pay anyway

                          Wait, you dont want me to pay for your DLC unless I pay for your ELITE, what's up with that???????????????

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