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    The real impact of cheaters/glitchers/modders...

      Cheaters... they aren't new but they impact the game so much.


      They're selfish turds. They don't care how they ruin others' times as long they get their jollies. They get weapons they didn't earn... experience they don't deserve... titles they shouldn't have. And through it all, legtimate players must deal with their attitudes... their actions... or quit playing.


      But that is not the worst of it.


      Think of how much time developers are having to put into anti cheating measures? The cost in time, resources, and creative energy wasted on it. When they could be innovating gameplay... tweaking new maps to be just right... they have to waste so much mental capital on preventing cheating... glitching... modding. Things that could be taken care of themselves if gamers had a little self respect and self constraint.


      How much better would MW3 be now if the devs didn't have to deal with so much cheating? How much better the would the gunplay be? Would we get more and better DLC? What cool features have the devs had to scrap because "Johnny Bad Kid will exploit it too easily"? Sadly... we'll never know. Instead, they have to focus energy on the idiots... and we all suffer for it.


      So, the next time you have a "friend" who thinks glitching is cool... stop playing with them. Make them a pariah. And if you're the "friend"... stop it.


      You really are impacting more than just this game... but future titles... future features.




      Just a thought.

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          1. Re: The real impact of cheaters/glitchers/modders...

          well put.

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            2. Re: The real impact of cheaters/glitchers/modders...

            If only this could be placed on every cheater website.

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              3. Re: The real impact of cheaters/glitchers/modders...

              Cheaters are cowards and insecure players that need that extra little crutch to get a leg up on the competition.  Regardless of what they may say, this is their underlying motive.


              They laugh at us legitimate gamers who only want to play an honest game and have fun.  But at the same time envy and resent us for having the fun they wish they could be having.


              Do I thinkt the game would be better had it not been for cheaters?  Probably, I mean I certainly think the next TU might be out by now had it not been for them.  But riddle me this, how would not having the scumbags arround have impacted the terrible spawn mechanics of this game?

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                4. Re: The real impact of cheaters/glitchers/modders...

                Nice post. Imagine if they are petty enough to cheat at a game, how much do they cheat at life. Most of us are taught not to cheat at an early age. If it doesn't seem or feel right, it probably isn't. At least the rest of us can feel good about being morally correct.

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                  5. Re: The real impact of cheaters/glitchers/modders...

                  Out of all the posts regarding cheating, this is by far the most intelligent and best written one. Props for that.


                  I totally agree with you on your post.  This game could be infinitely better if people chose to be honest and not exploit every little thing they could find. Games are meant to be fun, and if you feel the need to mod/hack/cheat to gain an unfair advantage to make up for what would probably be seen as a lack of skill, then maybe you should find another game.


                  We could have had multiple new map packs by now possibly. Maybe new gun camos. Or new game types. But because people feel the need to try and cheat the system, the dev team gets bogged down by these people. Its sad. Just browsing though Bowling's twitter (which i check on a daily basis), its filled with people demanding changes on the glitches and problems in the game.


                  It isn't all the developer's fault that there's issues with the game through cheating and exploiting, its 50/50. Yeah, they shouldn't have gotten past Q&A, but people shouldn't feel the need to abuse the problems found..


                  I think they should be more harsh with punishments. The majority of the community is honest, therefore we wouldn't have to worry. Those who are not? I think they should ban them for a week. Harsh or not, by buying the game you acknowledge the right of the developers to do such things as well as the fact you're going to abide by their rules.

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                    6. Re: The real impact of cheaters/glitchers/modders...

                    I struggle to think of any online multiplayer in which some form of questionable play is not present.


                    It's just weird to think "who are the cheaters?" and "is there even a way to stop it?". Imo it just seems to be ingrained in this internet culture.


                    Pretty much every online sort of game has to really focus on this way too much, you're right.


                    When you consider a game like Skyrim it's full of bugs and exploits but no one cares since there aren't any leaderboards. They just didn't put an insane amount of effort into countering exploits and focused on gameplay and look how it turned out.

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                      7. Re: The real impact of cheaters/glitchers/modders...

                      Honestly I think they should just start IP banning people, or doing something much more drastic than a measly temporary ban/stat reset. The reason people cheat is because the punishment is so insignificant, ooo wow a stat reset that'll stop them from cheating(Sarcasm).


                      Hopefully the next gen console will figure this out because I don't see it getting any better now.


                      The main problem is there are communities out there dedicated to breaking games just for the hell of it and publishing there findings for easy access to everyone(se7ensins.com). Untill you put a stop to those people cheating will always run rampant.

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                        8. Re: The real impact of cheaters/glitchers/modders...

                        Bravo to the OP.  Well said and articulated. 


                        I do want to throw this out, what if there were no stats?  No K/D, No Win/Loss, No Streaks or ratios.  People cheat and boost to get ahead or to be at the top.  People cheat at games to place a rank on their ability, people cheat in business to gain money and power.  So take out all forms of stats, measurements and prizes.  Everyone runs around and shoots each other for 7 minutes and then the game ends.  No winner, no loser, no list of Kills, Deaths, Assists, Plants, Defuses, Captures or Defends.  No Goals to reach or tasks to achieve.  Does not sound like much fun to me.


                        People cheat, in games, in work and in life.  It has been happening well before our time and will happen well after we are all gone.  It stinks, it's irritating but it exists.  In life we have the justice system that attempts to catch and dole out justice.  In game we have the same system, but with out the flashing blue lights.  So we can either use the systems in place to report the injustice, or we could be faced with a game I described above instead.

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                          9. Re: The real impact of cheaters/glitchers/modders...

                          cheaters and modders are nothing more than cotton-headed ninny-muggins'

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