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    GRaS Fishing Trip 2.0

      As you've probably heard, there's a new captain of the failboat. I was going to post this on the old Fishing Thread but apparently it was axed for some reason. Anyways, this is old news but leave a comment nonetheless and we'll see how long it takes for this thread to turn into a discussion about tacos and North Korea.


      Looks to me like we've got a 21st Century Titanic on our hands - except without DiCaprio and James Cameron's ego..



      Here's an excerpt from an article for those who live under a rock:


      The 5-year-old Costa Concordia partially sank overnight on Friday after hitting rocks near Giglio, a tiny island about 18 miles off the Tuscan coast. At least 11 people were killed in what survivors are saying was a chaotic and at times terrifying event that evoked scenes from the movie Titanic. As of late Tuesday, Italian authorities say 24 people remain missing.

      Costa Cruises and Italian prosecutors are blaming the accident on the ship's captain, Francesco Schettino, who they say took the vessel off course to sail close to the island.