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    Why we call cheaters stupid

      So I came across a token glitcher tonight.


      Real man of genius.


      Oh, he was 6th prestige, alright. Level 9


      Level 9.


      Level 9.


      At level 9, even if you unlocked the Striker with a token, you don't get the extended mags. Nor do you get akimbo FMGs.


      So, you know, maybe I'm just imagining things. That's what makes having Elite cool.


      Nope. I'm not imagining things. He's got the Striker unlocked, alright. Extended mags. Akimbo FMGs.


      13 days worth of double XP.


      Level 9.


      So, the moral of the story is that cheaters are pretty effing stupid. This guy was befuddled. How did I know he had 13 days  worth of double XP????


      I told him that didn't matter. What mattered was how he got it.


      "I did the token glitch. How did you know I have 13 days worth of double XP????"


      Well, the fact that you were level 9 running around with a weapon attachment that you should not have at that level made it pretty effing obvious you were cheating in some manner.



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          Re: Why we call cheaters stupid

          Exactly. you should report him on xbox and pop-off an e-mail to MS with his gamertag and get him banned.

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              Re: Why we call cheaters stupid

              that's why elite needs a player report option to report all these stupid cheaters

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                  Re: Why we call cheaters stupid

                  timeload33 wrote:


                  that's why elite needs a player report option to report all these stupid cheaters


                  I used the in-game reporting process.


                  But I agree. I like to go over matches in Elite sometimes. Especially matches where one or two players' gameplay seems a little odd. Elite combined with Theater really helps in catching cheaters.


                  Elite is a good wake-up call. Sometimes you may think other players cheated ... but it might have just been that they were better players or you were having a bad day.


                  Having a way to report cheaters through Elite would make the devs jobs easier, IMO. A whole lot easier to collect evidence and pinpoint exactly when the "cheat" occurred. Figuring out when the cheat happened has got to take up a lot of their time.


                  If we could point out the specific game and incident, I think that would help the process a lot. And it would reduce bogus reports, IMO.


                  But get a load of the guy I caught. I just shook my head. He outright admitted he glitched to a stranger. He was all impressed with himself and for all he knew, I could have been a dev or someone from microsoft.

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                      Re: Why we call cheaters stupid

                           This makes me chuckle...........cuz I don't think the Devs do anything about cheating without "video proof." When the damage prof glitch was running rampant over the past few weeks, I reported ppl like crazy but had no "video proof" cuz I don't want theater mode running in the background effin my **** up.


                            I actually decided to track 2 ppl that are 2-3 (I'm at  prestige 4 rank 70 something ....played avg at most an hour or so a day since release) prestiges ahead of me (that had 35-75 hrs double XP, AND had the damage/speed/impact proficiency glitch recorded on their classes in ELITE-THIS IS WHAT MAKES ME LAUGH, IT'S CAUGHT ON THEIR ELITE ACCOUNT..XBOX LIVE ANYWAYS, AS ON PC/MAC ITS SHOWN SOME PROBS) .....nothing has happened to them, but I know its early....I reported like 5 days ago and shot a subtle generic "Really XXXXXXXXXXX....? You're XX prestige and you're gonna use this glitch? Enjoy the consequences. Why not search punishment  while ur searching cheats."


                            I know for a fact like most people on here, that if you search a glitch/mod/hack on whatever search engine, somewhere in your results is a post from this forum or similar about consequences of someone complaining they got banned/reset/whatever comes about from doing it.


                           Oh, that's right, its the devs fault for leaving it in the game for "me to exploit." Enjoy them exploiting you when it catches up with you.

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                          Re: Why we call cheaters stupid

                          @ShartedIce ...


                          No, they do not use "video proof." I have a close relative that is a game designer so I have a rough idea of what they use for proof and it ain't video proof. K?


                          @ yovlud ...


                          part of the reason we call cheaters stupid is because they come up with lame, repeated, stupid excuses ... kind of like, "I cheated 'coz you did it two!"


                          So, while outside of gaming I'm certainly not perfect, I don't cheat in games. IMO, its pretty pathetic that a person's life is so unimportant that they have to cheat at something that is done just for entertainment.


                          You want to break the rules? Drive 52mph in a 50mph zone. When the red light stays red a long time and no one is coming from the other direction, go on and run the red light. At stop signs, make a California stop.


                          Change lanes without  using your blinker.


                          But really?  You're so "perfect" in the rest of your life you have to cheat at a game???


                          If you want to hack the game or whatever in single player? Go for it. It doesn't affect other people.


                          Keep it out of multiplayer.

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                    Re: Why we call cheaters stupid

                    We call cheaters stupid because we are perfect and have never done ANYTHING wrong...ever.  We are without sin, so we throw the first stone.

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                      Re: Why we call cheaters stupid

                      Something pretty similiar happened me, one guy has 13 days of double xp the other 23 days worth and when you check their recent games what do you know they're boosting as well, sent them a message to which they tried to justify themselves by saying " if I can cheat you can too ".

                      I hit the report button and started tracking them but I'm surprised to see they've not been banned yet, it was only a week ago though!! I agree a report function would be good on elite but it would be open for abuse, false reports being filed etc. How many times has someone received a message saying they've been reported for the most ridiculous thing?

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                        Re: Why we call cheaters stupid



                        i just want to know whats being done about  THESE!!!!!!!!!!!

                        your not a pro, your cheating. if you wanna use that on a lan its diff, but everyone knows ur not that good. and your score should not be permitted on a leader board. let alone play in a public match. i just hope the new systems have this stuff built in the controllers.

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                          Re: Why we call cheaters stupid

                          Usually cheaters fall into one of three catagories:


                          1. The 12 Year Old - He cheats because he assumes everyone better than him must be cheating. So he assumes "to be pro" you must be a cheater. He doesn't consider it offensive in anyway because "everyone else does it." He will probably ask you at one time where you got your cheats.


                          2. The Troll - You call him out on cheating and he will promptly reply with "you mad bro" every single time. They seem to think that they are being original...they aren't. These people are basically the twelve year olds once they hit puberty. They never learned to play the game properly so they rely on their old cheating methods and try to make the whole thing into a joke. Inevitably, you will find these people on YouTube someone posting about "how stupid some people are."


                          3. The Total Douche - This is basically what happens if a decent player evolves into a troll. He actually knows how to play and proceeds to use cheats just to be a douche. The main reason why he uses cheats is because he still has a little bit of doubt about his own skill level, but considering how far he's come he can't allow anyone to beat him...ever. When you call him out on cheating he will ask you to "1v1" him. If you do bother to "1v1" him he will typically use a semi-auto rifle with a rapid fire controller. If you call him out on that he'll just say that he "has a nice trigger finger." If you call bullshit he will then default to troll behavior and yell "you mad bro" and proceed to call you a "garbage random." If you do manage to beat him despite his cheating ways he will instead call you a "tryhard nerd" and imply that you spend all your time "in your mom's basement."


                          Truth be told there is no real way to handle these people and that's why pubs are frustrating. You can mute everyone but trolls feel accomplished when they get muted, so basically that is telling the troll that they have won. It is highly suggested that you tell The Total Douche to "invite you to a private" for the 1v1 and never leave your lobby, It's a pretty easy way to get rid of them. Though chances are they will just flood your inbox with voice messages.

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