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    Hacking!! VID PROOF!!

      Is there a way i can upload a vid without having to use a pvr or some kind of vid cam??? just want to show you all what games i keep getting into... unlimited HP hacking FU***** little kids... here is a vid i uploaded of the guy..


      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QVwb_GwQHE&feature=plcp&context=C3235071UDOEgsTo PDskLeW6RUC0xuEpOeOVhoxars


      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBLJkVieClE&feature=plcp&context=C3235071UDOEgsTo PDskLeW6RUC0xuEpOeOVhoxars


      2 vids to prove its glitching and not lag comp.... should this guy be banned?

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          ..... theatre recording, upload to elite....

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            Some guy set me a message telling me that he had reported me for using hacks and mods on one of the first games I played on the new maps, I think he was just mad. but yea if you see some one then tweet fourzerotwo with the names aswell.

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              Its lag compensation .Welcome to lag of cuty.

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                I'm seeing more and more of this. It's either a GodMode hack or, what I think, people are starting to get creative with their connection in order to take full advantage of the lag comp. Guys will turn their internet at home to pure pish, pull host, then download monster files during the game rendering their connection complete shite. Lag comp takes over and turns them into God while everyone else gets the shaft. When it's a poor player who legitimately has a bad connection it's not a big deal, but when it's an above average player who's taking advantage of the system it's well, this. It was called lag glitching in BLOPS.

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                  Umm, thats called lag compensation.

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                      WHAT!? this is not lag comp... my connection was perfect... i was killing everyone else fine... he was hacking ffs... i would upload more clips ( one of whitch i stabbed him 7 times while he had a reaper and put all my ext mags into him...) you cannot call this lag comp and if you really think it is then you are a bloody dumb ass

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                      It's a glitch with the reaper.

                      Not ******* lag compensation.

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                          Yea its a glitch... glitching and hacking are basically the same thing.. there for he should get banned right?? if you get banned and reset for knowing about a glitch ( token glitch ) then you should do for doing GOD mode glitch right? im now uploading a vid as we speak to prove it was not LAG COMP...

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                          Oh I looked it up on youtube, it is a reaper glitch. Damn the reaper has so many glitches and they arent fixing any of them.

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                            If he is making his connection do something to make this happen that is not hacking. But its not that.


                            Is IS cheating but nothing was hacked in the software, he did not modify and game code to get it.


                            glitching and hacking are not the same thing. Very likely Microsoft will not ban him for glitching.


                            As people said it is a glitch found in the game and he is exploiting it. It is the reaper glitch.

                            I noticed others on youtube doing this. So disregard the posts about 'connections".


                            It looks like he got the reaper thingy after the third death.


                            What Activision will do if you report him ONCE in the game then he will get temp banned for two days .



                            Here is the policy on glitching and hacking. It may be likely he will go down to prestige 0 and he will get 10000 deaths permanently on his record with 1000 loses. That will keep him negative for a year




                                      c.  Glitching - Any player demonstrating 'game abuse' in the form of organizing cooperative or single game play for the purpose of gaining experience, prestige, score, weapon levels, icons, titles           or other related in-game unlocks. Examples: Exploiting map holes, the javelin glitch, and participating in modded lobbies



                            ( i ) First Offense: With proper verification, user is banned for 48 hours and a stats reset.



                                                (ii) Second Offense: With proper verification, user is banned for 48 hours and a stats reset, and a permanent ban from leaderboards.



                                                (iii) Third Offense: With proper verification, user is perm banned.





                                      d.  Hacking - Any player demonstrating 'game abuse' in the form of modifying the executable or creating infected lobbies with or without the purpose of gaining experience, prestige, score, weapon levels,           icons, titles or other related in-game unlocks.



                            ( i ) First Offense:  With proper verification, user is console banned.


                            PS I am all with you. One time COULD be an accident but the second time its done then the player is scum.


                            And I am sure they know about it already and may put it in the next patch.


                            Report the scun and post RB a twiiter to the link to the second one. Second one is easier to tell.

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                              Your game seems to stutter after you kill him and what looks like he might be using deadman's hand and then boom your dead. (29s) in video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBLJkVieClE&feature=plcp&context=C3235071UDOEgsTo PDskLeW6RUC0xuEpOeOVhoxars


                              However, with out a kill cam to see what really happened after you died maybe you were sniped.


                              I would have liked to see your connection vs his connection. But honestly as it's been said before, looks like you were a victim of lag and his lag and your bad aim...

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                                  Dude you are retarded right? he had no dead mans hand considerring he only had 2 deaths at that point and also you can see it clearly he killed me with his SMG as you can see at the bottom left of the screen... its not laggy at all its a glitch which needs to be fixed ffs... IW are spending too much frikkin time bringing out crappy Elite mobile apps other than thinking about the real problems at hand....


                                  SORT IT ******* OUT IW!

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                                  check the 3rd highest score in leaderboards     "mafia r scrubs"       he has a list of recent games 70kills 1 death, and some games 140 deaths 0 kills,  all on kill confirmed and all his custom class have tac insertion,      



                                  please feel free to check him,   and report that fool    ty,


                                  cheaters suck the grandma's underwears!!!

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                                    Nothing obvious there. Definitely some WTF! but can def be lag. I deal with BS like this every game.