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    silent's ffa guide :D

      Hey forum, well i played some ffa again and i see thaat there arent that much people with high kd's in ffa.... well here are some tips to dominate and ffa match


      Use an smg why? because there are moments without uav's and you run through a door and see someone..


      Use a portable radar! so you got one area thats save and you can dominate it.


      Assasin is one of the greatest perks for ffa.. you will not be spotted by uav's

      dead silence comes in to so you can be noticed.


      Try to stay active in the map or you wont get that many kills... but keep one area save (portable radar momen)


      My favourite setup


      mp7 kick rapid fire




      dead silence




      steady aim

      extreme conditiong

      sleight of hand.


      Well hope this helped a little... and post some other things that you like to use...


      Well thanks for reading and game on


      Like lancer and me people found out tha shotguns are easy to level in ffa, so use this tip to level those hard guns!