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    akimbo settings

      I asked for a setting so i could use akimbos with one trigger because i play with one one that would alternate between left and right pistols but i don't get it I know it's a pain to add something like that to the game just for me and others who may have one hand but i see that would put me at a disadvantage because I won't be able to shoot both at the same time as people that don't use this setting if it was optional but i still want this and I feel that IW is not even aware that i asked for this setting and that when the setting is on the ads on the left triger is disabled please make this a setting for the next update for me and put the fmg's in the sub class as the only akimbo sub's because you did not patch them at all and people are useing them as primary's still and patch that 95 so it's a 3 shot kill at close range and long and the m16 as well so there even because i shot some one in the head at point blank range 6 shots they turn and knife me and remove stelth bombmer from support thank you for reading if you really did because I don't really think you read any ones post unless its replyed to a lot.sincerly you'rs onehandsamuria1

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