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      So, I've finally found a use for the account I had hacked back in December. I've renamed it GLITCH POLICE and have been patrolling lobbys looking for glitchers and using the semtex counter-glitch to spoil these *******'s fun.


      For those who don't know the counter-glitch just involves holding onto a semtex until a glitcher kills you and................BOOOOM!...........one dead glitcher.


      Since most of these kids are doing it just to get MOABS or high killstreaks they tend to ragequit pretty quickly. Then it's a clean lobby and your work is done. Hell, I even go possitive most times because of multikills.


      So this is basically a call out/recruitment drive for fellow honest players to rename that hacked account, get those semtex ready, spare a half hour and let's ruin their fun for a few games a day. Sounds childish I admit but it's fighting fire with fire and booooooy is it satifying when you confuse the hell out of them.


      So whadya say?