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    Riddle me this..

      This is more at the K/D and Stat's junkies, but would like people's point of view (just out of interest).. My stats are prob crap compared to alot of players.. If you check them I would prob fall into the Average player section..


      Apart from the first game I play.. im generally the top player, if not within the top 3 of the team (highest points) not always K/D


      How is it I fall into the avarage if I consistantly get high points? and how am I sure an "average" player?

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          Re: Riddle me this..

          The forum consists mainly of a young audience, and the tweens love nothing more than to brag about k/d....this is because they can't brag about their women cause none of em have been laid yet.


          A score per minute stat would be more reflective of a persons skill I believe, but sadly, like many things, MW3 decided to drop that stat.


          But don't worry about it, I never have and most members don't tbh

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            Re: Riddle me this..

            not sure what the question is here? but i will say this i feel as tho the "average" player with a kd of around 1.25-1.70 are usually the better players because most of the high kd players ether just camp or boost for it and the ppl that actually run n gun and hold a ok KD are the players i like to see also known as "try hards" lol

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                Re: Riddle me this..

                @ yalikethat - yes would defo agree with a "score per min" sure either way I still like the game and will continue to enjoy


                @Kisser - seeing as I dont fall into the 1.25, I would then be below average.. so my question is the same. how can I be top of team lobby board nearly every game.. and be a below average player?


                Forgot to ask actually, whats a "good" W/L ratio?

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                    Re: Riddle me this..

                    A good W/L ratio is any ratio you end up with after you have tried your best at winning.


                    Seems vague, but the bottom line is...


                    Check me out on elite: R-L-B-L


                    You can see my stats are crap (0.8 KD I think, the WL is +1 though).  One would think, meh that guy is crap... however I often finish at the top of the leaderboards, and when I play in a team in domination, I barely lose (whether or not I am the star player).


                    Sometimes my goal is to kill and cap, sometimes I put myself out there to take down air support and defend only.  People love to have me on their team because no matter what I do, I help the team to win matches.


                    Don't worry so much about stats, you are not really impressing anyone else aside from 10-14 year olds who think it is the be-all to end-all...

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                        Re: Riddle me this..

                        @ RLBL..point well made..


                        Out of interest, do you mostly play solo, or as a part of a team?


                        Must try and get a game with ya at some point..

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                            Re: Riddle me this..



                            When I am by myself, I play either HC KC or Ground War (because I hate patrolling the map to find no one - lol)


                            In a team: Domination (core and HC), KC (core and HC), Demolition sometimes.

                            Side note: If you play TDM, I will not play.  I cannot stand playing games where a team can theorically camp corners and win (SnD, TDM, FFA etc)


                            Please go ahead and add me : R-L-B-L (PSN does not allow RLBL, and forums do not allow R-L-B-L) - silliness...


                            (if your PSN is not JUSTIN_IRE, you may wish to put a note in the f request so I know who you are...)

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                          Re: Riddle me this..

                          i was just using those k/d's as an example the point i was making is the better plays are the players who are not  to worried about there kd and  dont rage quit/dashboard if they are under 2-4 kills and they know if they rush they can win most games and a good w/l in my opinion is any thing over 1 i guess cuz i would think a "good" player wouldn't need to rage quit every other game and as long as u win more then u loose ur doing ok id say and if not try looking for a clan

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                              Re: Riddle me this..

                              fair, but to add to your point I would still say that trying to judge a player by any stat can leave you... well... very surprised at their in-game performance.


                              When I get into a lobby I never check people's stats... because I have learned not to care. I never fear someone who has a 3.0 K/D cause that could mean they may typically go 45/15 (a threat) or 15/5 (no threat)...


                              I am concerned about what they WILL do in the next game, not what they HAVE done on average in previous games.

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                                  Re: Riddle me this..

                                  @ Kisser - Id agree also..  I would defo be play for the Fun/Win not the Stats player anyway, was more starting this just to see what people had to say..

                                  And to dont really see the point in dropping out cause of a bad game.. just press square and keep on going IMO - try get the fella who got you.. at least that will keep their killstreak from building


                                  @RLBL - as for the next game/ games.. I dont think ill be pre-order/ waiting outside the shop for the next one.. will prob sit back for a while and see what they come out with (improvements wise, instead of just "new maps and guns".. if you know what I mean)

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                                      Re: Riddle me this..

                                      What I meant by "next game" is not the next game in the series, but the next game we are about to play.


                                      E.G.: someone can come into a lobby with 5KD. If he goes 5-1 in the next game we play, did the fact he came in with a 5KD really matter? Nope.


                                      I am not concerened with what anyone's stats are.  I am concerned if said person is going to be a threat to me in the current game I am playing.  I have kicked the crap out of people who's stats say they should have won, and coversely I have had level 20-no prestige players hand my ass to me.


                                      Prestige level can mean nothing

                                      KDR can mean nothing

                                      WL can me nothing

                                      SPM can be mis-leading.

                                      Even the combination of all the stats does not mean the player is going to be a threat (depending on how one defines a threat).


                                      E.g. yesterday in a dom game, someone on the team did amazing as an individual. He had killstreak after killstreak and I spent most of my time taking down all his air support. I had a terrible score (because I do not use blind eye).  That is not my point.


                                      My point is: we won 200-75+ (less than 80)

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                              Re: Riddle me this..

                              A good player knows when to take the objective and does not just blindly rush in giving the opposing team free kills.

                              A good player knows when to sit back and defend when the other team is on attack.

                              A good accuarcy is also important as this determines who wins majority of 1v1 gun fights, connection aside.

                              A good player player flanks instead of running the obvious route, catching all the enemy players off guard.


                              There are plenty more qualities a better than average player usually has but to be honest it is pretty game mode specific. Judging from your post, you are are classed into the 'average players' section cause you blindly rush the objective, hence finishing with a good score but average-negative KD. This only matters cause too many players finish 13-30, have a good score but dont realise they are giving away free killstreaks to the enemy making the overall objective (to win) harder. Just my two cents though.

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                                  Re: Riddle me this..

                                  @ sworndeath - interesting that you assume im a rusher.. but I also agree.. people who just sprint for the objective without slowing down are the real team killer in every way..


                                  I wouldnt think I would fall into that category of blind rushing tho.. (yea sometimes I get a bit "AHH" and takes me a min to relax and slow down again)


                                  apart from the assumption I would agree with everything else you have said.. 100%

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                                      Re: Riddle me this..

                                      Sorry for assuming, I just cant really think of a way to finish with a good score and a 'bad-average' KD without jumping the objective before its clear, hence dying often but still getting the objective points.

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                                    Re: Riddle me this..

                                    Agree completely. Rly does depend on play style. My K/D is around 1.3 (cant remember but check my stats if anyone interested - jimmyrothero) But id defo say i'm above average. If you went on K/D an average player would have a K/D of 1.00 anyway, but as everyone has said here it really doesnt matter what it is.

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                                      Re: Riddle me this..

                                      Don't put to much into stats, and what some people call average or not average.  Some people would say I am an average player. Usually run solo, sometimes I run with my brother and/or cousin but never a full clan.  My k/d is 1.4 and my w/l is like 1,10 or something like that. However if I get into lets say 10 lobbies in 8 of those I will prolly have the highest or second highest k/d. (mainly play TDM) and usually no more than half if that have a positive k/d. So don't always base what is average on what will hear from some folks on the forum.


                                      Also it has been my experience that 90 - 95 % of your 2+ guys are hardcore camping types.  Now granted there are a few out there that aren't, but they are pretty few and far between.  Trust me you know when you play with or against these guys.


                                      So don't put to much into k/d and stats. Anybody can inflate their k/d fairly easily.  Really w/l would be the one if any i'd care the most about but with being put into losing games constantly and other things like that even it's not the best stat.


                                      Oh if anyone is stat checking to make sure mine are what I say they are It's RODEO23.

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                                        Re: Riddle me this..

                                        Playing with a team that communicates will usually result in a good k/d and w/l.  They coordinate their positions to protect objectives or to get more kills than deaths in tdm.  It doesn't necessarily mean that each of those player is any better than the rest of us who aren't a member of a clan therefore possibly having a lower k/d or w/l.


                                        Spawn trapping which I agree is a well played tactic results in a high k/d and w/l for the whole team.  Spawn killing which I find to be outright cheating also results in a high k/d and w/l.


                                        None of these really tells how good a player is on their own merit, just their clan as a whole.

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