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    KO Gaming -All we do is WIN- (PSN)

      Hey! Clan leader, TehRussBus here. I am starting up a new clan called KO Gaming (Knockout Gaming). Our main goal is to win, and play tactically. If you join this clan, be ready to learn new tactics and stick by them. We will come up with flank routes, Front-line assaults and much more. Please have a K/D of over 1.00, and a winning attitude. (W/L Does not matter, I know alot of people have been sucked into the K/D challenge. I did, and I am looking to change that.). Please have a mic, Tritton, TurtleBeach or Astros preferably, but anyother mic will do. We will play Domination, Search & Destroy, Kill Confirmed, Team Deathmatch, and occasionally Capture the Flag.


      I want this clan to be a clan full of respect. Something unique. You can still trash talk, just don't go overboard . If you are willing to become a better overall player, learn new tactics, and compete with team players. Post below your PSN and I will invite you! After you leave a comment please add TehRussBus.


      Thanks for reading!