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    Call of Duty Quiz

      Which World War II weapon, appeared as a cameo in COD4?



      What perk allowed you to hear nearby enemy voice chatter?



      True or false - Modern Warfare 3 does not have night maps (as of January 2012).



      What is the name of the Grenade Launcher, that is mounted on the AK-47, in COD4/MW2?



      What two shotguns, were NOT in Black Ops multiplayer



      There was an unreleased map in Black Ops entitled "War Museum", which was a remake of an original World at War map.  What was that original map called?






      What is Captain Price's Code Name in MW3?



      What weapon did Soap use, to kill Imran Zakhaev?



      On which hand, did Victor Reznov lose his finger?



      Who is indisputably the most important person in Vault 101: He who shelters us from the harshness of the atomic wasteland, and to whom we owe everything we have, including our lives?

      A. The Overseer

      B. The Overseer

      C. The Overseer

      D. The Overseer





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          Re: Call of Duty Quiz

          LOL.. I played the SP but of each game and still own them; but with out going back to each area you question about can not answer all of them.




          2.Used it but cant remember the name too long since last played that game.

          3. True.

          4. Unsure.

          5. Do not use shotguns enough to know this one either.

          6. Dome- both loved and hated that map in WaW.

          7. Forgot allready.

          8. Pistol of some sort, not sure of the model didnt care, just killed the arsewhole with it.

          9. Never payed attention he lost a finger. Skiped many of the cutscenes when I could.

          10. A+B+C+D=E The who what? Again skiped cutscenes when I could.

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