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      Today I unistalled the game.1/3 of the games have hackers.If you cant control this,u wont control your customers.GL for keeping this lame servers still online.we cant play,we cant enjoy the game.so....i now know i wasted the money buying the game.at 1st i though it will be ok...so i ranked up till 5th prestige....but hackers ruin the game.i cant say anything about campers-akimbos...its in the game,but when parasites kill the game,i stop.

      GL keeping the rest of your customers.Im going for bf3.dont know if its better...but ill feel better for at least some game-hours.

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          Re: Hackers!

          This is why I don't do any gaming on PC's.


          PC gamers have a very high % in the 'game hackers' group.


          Console FTW in that aspect.


          As for the BF3 thing, BF3 on PC is loads better than MW3 on PC. On console.... not so much.

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              Re: Hackers!

              this game is off for me.Im a cod player fromt he beginning.im going bf cause they dont care....waste of time rly.they cant stop it,they r losing customers.today they lost me...Im 1 of many.they accept the game like this.i dont.i know its a game-nerd-rage,but when u pay something and u dont get a solution that means the company doesnt care



              i dont have a console.i will not buy one,but ill get bf...

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