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    Why MW3 Sucks

      Why MW3 and Infinity Ward Suck

           I know full well I will get bashed and battered for making this forum, but I feel somone has to say it.


           I used to love Infinity ward,  COD 4 was possibly the best Call of Duty I have ever played, then MW2 came out, I gave it a chance but failed to like it as I felt it was to alike COD 4. I also feel quickscoping has ruined teamwork and the overall purpose of certain gametypes. Don't get me wrong, I like quickscoping, nothing like showing off your skills, trust me I get that and enjoy it. However now people think thats all the game is, players will intentionally throw themselves at an enemy team mate hundreds of times if it means getting that nice final kill cam, at the cost of the win. But this is just a small reason why MW3 is a dissappointment, after all no one can control what players do.


           This is why MW3 and Infinity Ward are terrible. First of all compare COD 4 MW2 and MW3, they are all amazingly similar in looks, feel, and gameplay. This alone is a good enough reason to hate it. Then compare menu systems from MW2 and MW3, they are IDENTICAL. No underlying programming changes, only difference is fonts, back colors, and pictures. Most gaming companies have a seperate department just for designing menus, however Infinity Ward is so pathetic and lazy they keep the same menu. Kill cams are the same, emblems are the same, symbols are the same, majority of weapons are the same, (Don't argue that weapons are mostly different, they arent. Infinity ward just took UPDATED versions of weapons from COD 4 and MW2 and added a few new ones.)


           Weapons: They are brutally imbalanced, I can already see people only use a few weapons and they DOMINATE the game. I know this isn't the first COD to do this, every COD has weapons like this, however I feel by the 8th call of duty game they would branch test their games better.


           The maps are out of this world awful. Brutally generic, plain, bland and boring. Black ops maps had interactive portions all over, zip lines, doors to open, conveyor belts, Turrets (Berlin Wall), they even added destrucable bridges (they sucked, but at least Treyarch made an effort.) Infinity ward had TWO YEARS to look at black ops, take ideas, make tests, plan out aspects, yet the maps they made were the most unorginial pieces of garbage i have ever seen.


      Here is a list of things Infinity ward changed from MW2 to MW3:

      -Few new weapons



      -Spec Ops mode

      -New prestige emblems(That all look the EXACT SAME)

      -Invite system (From black ops)

      -New playlists

      -New perks

      -A few new emblems and symbols

      -Theatre mode (cant even watch with a party)

      (There is probably more, but they aren't amazingly significant)


      Here is a list of things Treyarch changed from COD: WAW to Black Ops:

      -All new weapons (except for a few)

      -Wager mode

      -Combat record

      -K/D stat graphs

      -Comparable friend option for stats on combat record

      -heat markers

      -Customizable emblems

      -Face paint

      - Emblems and clan tags on guns

      -Credit system

      -Whole new, and redesigned menu system

      -Interactive maps

      -Theatre mode (Can watch with party)

      -New invite system

      -File share

      -Combat training


      -Objective markers fade away when you zoom in over them

      -Friendly grenades dont show up on your screen

      -Contract earning system



      I understand i do not have all the changes, those are just ones i could name off the top of my head.


           Dont get me wrong, Infinity ward did make some improvements, and mistakes with MW3, as did Treyarch with Black Ops. However Inifity ward put in a minimal effort in my opinion. I felt MW3 was just a money grab for us unsuspecting consumers. I fell for it, i was a sucker and even bought ELITE for a year, and i fully regret it.


           To put it in perspective, I know many people agree with me. Yesterday there was 460,000 players on blackops, that is HUGE, no call of duty has had that many players over a year of its release consistantly.


           This is just my opinion, please feel free to voice yourself, I hope some of you read what i have to say and realize it.

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          Re: Why MW3 Sucks

          And you know what? I agree.

          I found the weapons system of Black Ops too easy, earning enough money can buy you any attachment etc, and I appreciate the fun changes IW made to theirs. However I feel the game is just a little too repetitive.

          The WORST thing about MW3 is the music. Did not even hear it enough, when I did it was unsuitable, did not bring the same emotional effect that Hans Zimmer did in MW2. IMO the least significant music in a COD Game - WaW's metal trailer sounded promising but the actual music was more fantasy-like, but at least I remember it. Black Ops and COD4 had good, suitable music. No Hans Zimmer, but good. MW3? Forget it.

          And one thing Treyarch did with Black Ops is make the most memorable and interesting maps I have ever seen in a computer Game. Nuketown, Hotel, even Array... I remember the layout of them all and remember them well. Whereas with COD4, 6 and 8... don't even remember the names.

          Black Ops was more fun. The campaign's graphics expanded on a whole new level of lighting and weapon detail that IW have only just touched the surface of. It was more colourful.

          And the entertainment value of Zombies... though I do not like Zombies, it was damn funny to play. The additions of Express onto Black Ops was made to satisfy the consumer as well

          Hopefully Treyarch will not ruin all this by adding online passes to their games as coded tend not to work on my xbox for some crappy reason.

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            Re: Why MW3 Sucks

            I went back to Black Ops.


            To IW/Sledgehammer/Raven's credit, they had a lot of problems in the development, yet they managed to make a fun game. But you're right. With how similar the interface and base game is, it's an enormous problem when you realize all the backlash Call of Duty gets for yearly releases and rehashed design.


            Treyarch didn't have that problem. They were going off of a WWII shooter and when you take a step back and look at everything that was in that Black Ops package, it's absolutely staggering. And now, this massive team has had two full years to improve on that installment? Whatever they call the next CoD, it's going to be an absolutely insane piece of gaming.


            I'm sure Vonderhaar will put it in a lot of things he'll regret later, but WaW3 will be that saving grace true CoD fans are thirsting for.

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              Re: Why MW3 Sucks

              I totally agree. I haven't even played the older Modern Warfares to be honest. Well, at least the multiplayer, I haven't played. But to me, Black Ops is vastly superior to MW3. I don't enjoy quick scoping at all. I find the guns to be much more authentic to how they would be in real life. Almost all weapons in MW3 are over powered with no kick whatsoever. I feel Infinity Ward caters to the little kids out there and make it so that getting kills is incredibly easy. MW3 is the first and last modern warfare game i will ever buy.

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                  Re: Why MW3 Sucks

                  it so does suck. everyone bought it and pre-ordered it because it was supposed to be the next new, big, improvement to the series but instead, it is just a downgrade from black ops and a slight upgrade of mw2 making it really only mw2.5


                  treyarch will hopefully see everyone right with their next entry. if they can expand on what they did with black ops, they will make a another good game.


                  best cod to date: black ops for sure!!!

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                  Re: Why MW3 Sucks

                  It's a good game.

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