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    Petition to add option to adjust volume level of in game music sepearately from sound effects.

      In previous COD titles there has been the option to adjust the level of the in game music independently of the sound effects (gunfire, footsteps, etc..). Can we please get this put back in? It has been said alot that when the when you unlock challenges it makes it so you cant hear whats going on in the game. The "cinematic" music that randomly play does this as well. And not to mention it is just annoying to have two different things tied to one control, and to not have the option to not hear something you might not want to hear. I just got a headset and this has greatly exacerbated the issue, to the point where it is now a must.  We really should be able to turn music off so we can actually hear what is going on in the game. So everyone who wants this, sign your name.

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