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    Community Playlist

      So how many here think the community playlist should be just about fun and not ranked? I think if they were not ranked where you gained no exp player or weapon and it did not count towards kills and deaths or wins or losses people would not boost as much in them. I think it would remove the reason that so many now try to glitch, spots in infected, cheat by having friends block the only way in an area when they become infected allowing the other friend to boost for a moab.


      So what does anyone else think about this? Should they remain ranked, or should ranking and stats be disabled on them. And all community playlists just played for fun and not stats of any kind?

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          Re: Community Playlist

          i believe its not that simple...


          with a game like cod that is completely based around leveling up, i dont think anyone would play it if nothing counted... save for a few of us..... but then it would likely be removed..


          i personally got sick of all the tryhards and cheap tactics that will never go away in every other mode.... infected was great when it first came out, more balanced for fun then any other mode..


          even now.... i think i've seen ONE moab on a TK map, and that guy earned it!! all of the crap still only happens in non-tk maps, the rest are perfectly fine imo..

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            Re: Community Playlist

            I believe these game types should be unranked. Having the games ranked destroys the "just for fun" aspect of the game in which these games are ment to be played.

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