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    Um, getting robbed of a MOAB?

      I just played a game a Domination in which I hit a 26 pointstreak before dying, but I was never given a MOAB.  The points came from kills, flag caps, Hardline Assists, and destroying enemy air support.  I was so excited because it would have been a MOAB that consisted of every possible way to get a point in the game.  I watched this over and over again in theater mode and counted extremely carefully - every time it comes to 26.  The point that would have been the MOAB was one of those hardline "assist counts as kill" points, and then I got 2 more points after that, but I don't think that would have anything to do with it.  I'm going to post a video of it soon just to show people.


      I know for a fact that Hardline Assists do count towards the MOAB, I've tested this several times.  Maybe flag caps and destroying enemy air support doesn't?  It should because it says "25 POINTstreak" like all the others...


      I'm about to go into private match to test all 4 different kinds of points.


      Has anyone ever had this happen to them?