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        20. Re: DROP SHOT

        Yes, "real life" isn't a WHOLE argument, but it IS still valid at times.


        It should be obvious to everyone that the game won't be totally realistic, but there IS still realism used as well to varying degrees. People won't question the more obvious things, but when it comes to some smaller things, real life can still play an argument.

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          21. Re: DROP SHOT

          QSing could be pretty easily, but camping is something that could never be fully taken away unless they change the game in such a way that drives away a lot of players.

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            22. Re: DROP SHOT

            I know I was stating that to show flaw in the OP's argument.

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              23. Re: DROP SHOT

              harlemscrippin wrote:


              I guess you mean by panic knifing you are referring to hitting the knife button as soon as you see somebody?


              I don't see what is wrong with that personally. If you take away that, there might as well be no knife at all?


              Maybe I am wrong and there is a type of glitch or something to it, but I think a quick knife reaction is pretty normal.

              Imagine that, someone who hates drop shotting and loves the panic knife?

              Crazy how that works... Ever try running tac layout instead? It takes a while to get used to, but once you do it's way better then default.


              Your logic is just fail... Having tac layout actually makes you have to think before you knife. Well at least until you are used to the lay out, then it's just second nature.


              Finally to your last thought... There is a simple fix to this panic knife "fiasco:" just change the mechanic so you actually have to pull out your knife to use it. You know, similar to Battlefield. (OMG, yes I said Battlefield in a CoD thread ) Otherwise, nothing has really changed in the many releases to this franchise, so why would you even think that they would change it now? Aside from the failed dolphin dive in BO. (Should have stayed in MW3 imo, but eh.)

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                24. Re: DROP SHOT

                People on tactical layout sacrifice the ability to knife quickly.


                I myself use southpaw lefty and I lose the ability to strafe jump easily, so I often dropshot as I can continue to aim while dropping. Almost as effective as tactical layout.

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                  25. Re: DROP SHOT

                  This Game doesnt have guns that jam (bar the MK14 if uve got a fast trigger finger) you dont die from one bullet, you have people running round with a barrett which in real life you would strugle to lift let alone run, none of the heavy machine guns have to be mounted and stabilized before firing, neither do the snipers, you can hold 2 full auto machine pistols fire and not have it go in abot 6000 different directions...... Do you get it yet?


                  ITS NOT REAL LIFE


                  Get over it, if someone drop shots..... learn to aim?


                  Thats all this thread is a waste, go back to halo where you have shields cant lie down and you feel like you are good

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                    26. Re: DROP SHOT

                    i think drop shots are stupid, but the sad fact is if you want to compete you need to adapt and either join them or get faster with your aim [or use a shotgun]

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                      27. Re: DROP SHOT

                      This argument seems to be the same any where you go... I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen these threads in the BO forum. Only then it was FAMAS this and FAMAS that, and any other FOTW issue that people had with the guns, perks, layouts, you name it...


                      It's a video game get over it.


                      So the people saying "adapt" are right, plain and simple. You don't like it? Find something else to play. If it hasn' changed now, why would it at all?

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                        28. Re: DROP SHOT

                        Boo hoo. When they fix the stupid knife maybe I'll let you shoot at me and I'll do nothing about it.

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                          29. Re: DROP SHOT

                          chroniccritic wrote:


                          What the hells wrong with drop shotting?


                          Let me guess you want people to stand there and not evade your aim cuz its easier for you to kill them , get real.

                          oviuzly cuz aiming iz hard!

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