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    A couple questions for tech support.....

      #1. Just 20 min ago when I was playing MW3 multiplayer I pushed the select button to check my connection status and noticed I had only one orange bar again this usually happens to me 3 times aweek once a day for about an hour then goes away. Can you tell me why this is happening and can I do anything about it? I am have comcast 12meg internet and I am useing portrange forwarding....  #2. When I reach 10 prestige I plan on doing a stat reset so I would like to know which stats will reset and which ones won't, and will it reset my career score and kills on the Elite leaderboards?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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          Re: A couple questions for tech support.....

          If you find that you have connection issues at the same point each day, then that might be a discussion you want to have with your internet service provider. It's possible that they are throttling connections at a certain time of day. Also, please keep in mind, your connection might be 12mbits down, but the upload is equally important. If you have any other devices transmitting data on your network, it can affect your connection in MW3.


          Your overall Score, Accuracy, Kills, etc leadersboards will reset. Your gametype leaderboards (Dom, Dem, FFA, etc) would not. If you are playing on the Xbox 360 you cannot reset your stats until 15th prestige. On the Playstation 3, you can still reset at prestige 10 until the additional prestiges become available.


          EDIT: I had to verify the leaderboard reset. I had that reversed!

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