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    Does your Xbox Clan need a name change? Ko$ plays Hardcore TD, KC, and Domination on PS3 and workin on an xbox division

      What up Gamers.


      Ok, So i run with a clan on PS3 who is trying to add an Xbox division. Killers On Sight is a team of killers who run in Hardcore Team Death Match, Hardcore Kill Confirm, and Hardcore Domination. On PS3, Ko$ averages a 1.36 KDR, and 3.15 win 2 lose ratio. Ko$ is an elite clan on PS3, and has a website, and facebook page. If your interested in joining up on our Xbox division or if you wanna see about a name change for your clan, you can check out the Ko$ website @ www.ClanKos.com, or email me @ mike15809287@gmail.com. you may even add me up on Xbox360, Gamertag CrazyFnMike.

      Note: im not a Xbox player so if your trying to add me up to look at my stats, they wont look right.