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    Can you tell with 100% certainty if you're host without leaving to see the "Host Migration" message?

      I've done a search on this, and there's no solid answer for MW3.


      Looking at the bars in the lobby right at the beginning of the match to see who has the 4 bars first only works in Black Ops; it's NOT obvious in MW3. I've tried this method so many times and it's not a good method to check for host in MW3.



      I see so many comments in threads where people talk about pulling host 90% of the time, or X percentage of time, but how can you be so sure? I don't want to figure out if I'm host by leaving the match to see if there's a "Host Migration" message.


      I've read other theories, but none of them really work. I don't want to assume I've pulled host because I'm experiencing lag.




      A definitive answer would be much appreciated.