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    (xbox360)2.25+ K/D Live Legends

      Edit 08/0/2012: We are tied for #38 in clan level for middleweights. Of those teams in or above our rank we are ranked #1 in K/D ratio.




      Live Legends are recruiting premium members with a K/D over 2.3. You don't not need to have your premium 500xp points still. We just ask that you be a premium member so that you can help contribute to the clan ops. We primarily play TDM, but many of us play other modes, and we will play all modes in clan ops. We do not run around silly. We take tactical points on maps, cover choke points and cover each others backs.  If this is something you would like to be a part of, either put a msg on the Live Legends clan feed or send a msg to my GT: LiveCowboy


      We have a facebook clan page that allows us to coordinate clan op events now!!!


      Edit: New feature added 5/30 allows you to apply by pressing a button



      get into a new Clan, but not sure who you need to contact?


      Our new Clan Apply feature funnels your request straight to the leader. To apply, simply head to the Clan's page you'd like to join and click "Apply Now!"



      Leave a message with all the reasons you'll make the Clan better than it's ever been, and send it off. The Clan leader will then receive your application under Manage Clan. If accepted, you will automatically be removed from your current Clan and enlisted in the new one.