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    When is it coming?


      Can't wait to play.

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          The release date was just announced in the official Rhino trailer, which you can view here:


          (Spoiler: the release date is 6.26.12)

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              June 26th is a weird date, sure they announced 9 months for tweaking a finished game, the game being released a week before the movie is weird, and it's an unofficials sequel

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                  Couple things:


                  The game is being carefully constructed so that it doesn't contain big spoilers about the film: you can safely play and still enjoy the movie experience. "Spider-Man survives the movie" isn't exactly unexpected, after all.


                  Furthermore, making the game a follow-up to the film gives a lot more freedom to construct a story that works for a game, rather than trying to force a movie plot into a game shape.


                  Announcements are tied to marketing; this game's development has actually been quite long, especially for a movie tie-in. Beenox started working on it well before Spider-Man: Edge of Time was released.

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                Not soon enough.