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        I would love to free rome it's just awesome

        • 21. Re: Most wanted feature?

          It is already confirmed that you will be able to free roam once you've completed the story (you can even select day/night).


          What I really would like to see (most of them are already mentioned here, will mention them again anyways):


          • A lot of indoor maps/interiors (Oscorp HQ, Highschool?) you can enter at any time
          • New Game + (like mentioned above)
          • A level select would be cool too (sometimes a Mission is so awesome that I would like to replay it)
          • Definitely Easter Eggs like the SM2 Vulture one
          • Gwen missions (meet her, go out with her and so on) but please not that repetitive
          • Maybe let Peter have a sidejob as Photographer for the Daily Bugle (now that you have a Camera)
          • Hopefully a lot of random crimes that arent that repetitive (maybe divide them into smaller crimes like a few idiots fighting and bigger ones such as a bank robbery). I also hope we wont get spammed with crimes (sure they could happen at the same time, but I also want to enjoy swinging around without having to stop a crime behind every corner).
          • I know there wont be a Peter Parker mode but please consider adding it later on as DLC (I really want a game where I can play as parker too, even if it's only inside a certain interior like the Highschool). I would pay any price for it.
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            so its not going to be like spiderman 2 where its just an open world where you go around and solve crimes and when you want to do a mission you just go to its location. is it going to be a straight forward linear game like edge of time or shattered dimensions and then when you finish it you can go into new york and do whatever

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              I think it is confirmed that most story missions take place indoor in their own "linear style levels". Thats a good mixture IMO (just like e.g. Spider-Man 3 where most missions were in closed environment too).

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                this may be wierd but i actually realy want there to be a feature where you can create your own costume and you can choose your own colors and there is a different mode for all this stuff. it would sort of be like creating your own spider suit and playing your own different story mode. sorry if this is a stupid idea but it may be pretty cool

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                  The developers confirmed that it would have a combat style like the Batman Arkham games months ago.

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                    I'd like to have some camera missions like in Spiderman 2&3 and the return of the Spiderman Unlimited costume.

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                      I like Spiderman Web of Shadows, and it is far from being the worst Spiderman game ever. Closest one I can think of is the Amazing Spiderman for the gameboy.

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                        Most wanted feature for me right now is a demo!

                        • 29. Re: Most wanted feature?

                          I actually posted the same thing in another thread just before reading this one.

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