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    My only MOAB

      Got this before I stopped playing MW3.  Never posted it.  Hopefully you find the tips useful/inspiring if you haven't gotten a MOAB yet! =)  Enjoy!





      1. Don't sit still (don't camp)

      2. Play defensively, move with caution, run from gunfights you know you will lose

      3. Scout areas before crossing them, move from cover to cover

      4. Try to engage only 1 enemy at a time (avoid groups)

      5. Stay to the edges/perimeter of the map, avoid the center or open areas

      6. Be aware of all the abilities you get with 15 perks and take advantage of them all

      7. Rely on team mates running the support package (ballistic vests, recon drones, etc)

      8. Pay attention to where your teammates are positioned.



      Suggested MOAB class:

      Primary: MP7 w/ both Red Dot and Silencer

      Secondary: MP9 Silenced

      Perk 1: Scavenger Pro

      Perk 2: Hardline Pro

      Perk 3: Stalker Pro

      Equipment: you NEED flashbangs

      Strike Package: Specialist: Sleight of Hand (1) - Assassin (3) - Steady Aim (5)

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          Re: My only MOAB

          Congrats iamhollywood5.


          It feel's good to get your first MOAB.

          I only have one myself but I'm still keen to get a couple more if I carry on playing MW3.



          I ran around in celebration for my first MOAB.....forgot to knife the air though

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            Re: My only MOAB

            I was one off two times. First time I ran out of ammo when I was shooting the last guy and the second time I couldn't hear a guy with Stalker that was right behind me.

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              Re: My only MOAB

              Knifing the air lowers your accuracy.


              I never knifed the air in any of the MOABs I earned. The hate mail, praise, friend requests, shocked squealing from younger players, and half of the lobby being emptied after the game is over; all of these make up for it for me.


              I think any decent player can earn a MOAB; it just comes down to four things for me:


              • Having a decent connection to the host
              • Your teammates are positioned well across the map (preventing stupid spawning)
              • Knowing where your teammates are (therefore predicting where the enemy players are)
              • Having teammates that are good enough to hold their own, but can't exactly earn a MOAB, themselves.


              Only 8 times have the above conditions been met for me (meaning 8 MOABs), but that's fine, because there's only 8 Online Vault slots.

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