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    Bring back the MW2 host system!!


      OMG, PLEASE bring back the MW2 host system.  The one you are running now to make it "even" just turns it to crap!  Constantly losing connection to host, constantly migrating host, and constantly having a fluxuating host.  I would rather have a solid 3 bar than a piece of crap fluxuating 3-4 bar.  Let's get back to solid hosts that at least give everyone a chance to have less lag in EVERY game!

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          well when the host leaves the game its gotta switch

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            wouldnt that be nice...


            right now, everyone has figured out they dont want to be host.... so 9 times out of 10, the host in your game probably shouldnt be host... they just didnt prevent it from happening..


            people realize they are hosting and back out etc.... you simply cant punish the person you rely on to host the game for you.... its completely retarded..


            your doing IW a favor by hosting games FOR FREE and they **** on you for it.... host should always get a small advantage due to simple physics and the fact that you want to encourage people to stay and provide a great lobby for your customers..