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    New Elite Subscriber

      My friend subscribed to Elite in the middle of Saturday's Clan Op.  He purchased Elite through Microsoft Points on the Marketplace.  He has logged into Elite on the console and the website, but it still does not have him listed as a premium.  He even has the maps downloaded, but still doesn't have him as a premium.  What should he do?

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          Re: New Elite Subscriber

          Have you friend do the following,


          1. Log into profile.callofduty.com

          2. After login, you will be redirected to callofduty.com; navigate back to profile.callofduty.com to access the Profile Management screen.

          3. Under the CONSOLES header, hover over the panel that says "You have linked your Xbox LIVE Account" and click "UNLINK ACCOUNT".

          4. Once de-linking is successful, click to link your Xbox LIVE Account again and follow the steps on the screen.

          5. After re-linking your Xbox LIVE Account, go back to ELITE.callofduty.com

          Let us know if it resolves his issue.

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