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    ELITE CLAN TITLE - hacked

    PAIN 176

      I have been seeing many clans online in the past 2 days that have the Yellow and BlacK Clan title unlocked. This is supposed to be unlocked at clan level 15. My Clan happens to be a level 12 Clan and it now with the newest update it now shows the clan level when in the pre-game lobby and normal Lobby. So I am wondering how the hell it is possible to have a level 15 Clan background and it says that they are only a level 2 clan in the pre- game lobby.  Anyone have any info on this as I find it odd that I am seeing so many Clans with this background and yet they are not showing 15 or higher Clan rank next to the background.

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          For instance, a clan that all of my friends are in is a level 15 clan already. simply because they have 100 members with "founder" status. They've had the yellow clan title and clan tag since the get-go.

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            I noticed this too. However it never has the clan name in writing, its the generic default black and yellow title. I assumed they earned it by joining a level15+ clan, left and started another. Then in theory they might still have the generic default title. But since its not just me noticing it, this prob is an exploit. And they always seem to be lvl 2.

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              I've noticed this as well, I was thinking maybe more clan members are being active but then I saw a couple who were level 2 and had the black and gold title.

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                Default title is either a flag of a country or blue with rockets.  You don't get the black and yellow until your clan is level 15.


                However, If someone was in a level 15 clan and was awarded this title, they can still have it even though they are now on a level 14 or lower clan, but it should not have any words on it.  We have someone in our clan who still has the title because they left a level 15+ clan but it has no writing.


                If you see someone in with that clan title and it has words on it, but their clan is lower than level 15, report them.  There is a hack you can do to get the title before level 15 but it is a hack and they should be reported.

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                  i didnt hack and my clan ar lev 1 so it must be a bug if so needs to be fixed

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                    Are you saying you have the black and yellow clan tag and have never been in a level 15 clan?

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                      Thats not a Hack i have it!!! this is for Elite Premium Member with a Clan!!

                      You go to multiplayer and push ELITE-CLANTAG!!!

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                        You have to either be on a Level 15 clan or have previously been on a level 15 clan to have it.  It is not legitimately available under any other circumstances.

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                          You're not reading the thread. For the black and yellow clan tag, your clan must be level 15. Now that titles have the clan number on there, there are people with the title stating level 2. many of them. The question is how did they obtain it without reaching level 15? The poss theory is they were in a previous level 15 clan and started a new one that only at level 2, but they have the generic version that doesnt allow you to put the clan motto on it. Im asking Karma if he was ever at level a5 and has the yellow title.

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