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    Call of Duty 9: Future Warfare

      Wouldn’t it be cool for a story like this….

      Developer: Treyarch (cause Infinity Ward would butcher the gameplay)

      Factions: Dark Coalition

                       UPF (United Protection Front)

                       Texas Rangers

                       Strike Team 5

                       Alpha Squadron

                       Blood Hand Militia




      1st Mission: Super Bad

      It’s the year 2156, and tensions are rising between Canada/ US and the Russians/Japanese. The game begins in a confrontation started in Iraq, with fierce fighting going  on with the Canadian Alpha Squadron and the Blood Hand Militia forces from Iraq. You take the role of Jason Robinson, and you and your fireteam suppress most of the enemy forces. Then, a airstrike hits your team, killing nearly half of the forces in the area. Then, as you (Jason) comes to, he notices 2 supersoldiers with a odd insignia- killing every one they see. Jason tries to run, but is showered in shrapnel and is caught in a explosion. He blacks out after seeing his longtime friend get shot in the head point blank range.

      2nd Mission: Deadly Infiltration

      Before that, Members of the Strike Team 5 are sent to a mysterious lab controlled by the Dark Coalition, a Russian terrorist organization.  You control John Mercer. The team hears of a WMD threat, and go to investigate. After stealth takedowns (new concept that happens when you sneak up behind a soldier and do a cinematic takedown) some hiding and some sniping, the team finds a lab, with a schematic for the Super Soldier Program (if you can come up with a better name go ahead) and try to download the files. When they do, they send it to their base, but since the Coalition discovers their hacking, go and try to kill the soldiers. The Strike Team send it, and rig the lab to explode. They barely escape, and discuss what to do.

      3rd Mission: Redemption

      Jason is empowered with the super soldier program, and goes and defeat some militia men.

      I’ll add perks, game mechanics, pointstreaks and the rest of the story later, but first what do you think?