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    Quick question

      If you reset your stats at 10th prestige do you drop back down to a patch or 10th level 1?

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          Re: Quick question

          EVERYTHING will reset. You will be level 1 with all you're titles and emblems reset as well.

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            Re: Quick question

            Yeah resetting stats is a very weird thing to do:


            - you can create a new account

            - now that there are 5 (10) more levels... you can keep going


            Because there is such an important put on stats, one would think that resetting stats would be a good thing to do once you learned the maps and got comfortable with the game.  However, its purpose is to drop you down to zero so you will continue to play the game.  This was not the way to go...


            Adding more prestige levels is the way to go; however they should have done it in the 1st place and not wait until people got stuck at 10/80 for awhile and wasted time/xp before being able to move forward... Having a low number of levels compared to how fast one can level shows a lack of thought, if you want people to stay playing the game...


            Calling it "Reset Stats" is very misleading.  It should have been more intuitive that were doing more than just "resetting stats".

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