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    Fun and Enjoyable and Competitive Clan.(PS3) Do you want a free Premium Package ? Read on

      President- Universol_Leader/xCluTcH-MVP/iRek_Lobbies

      VP- vGoaTt

      Supreme Commander-RespectTheBounce


      3* Gen.-xGatorNation5x



      More Promotions will be given to the best of the best. I will buy those with the highest positions (Gen.,Captains,Recruiters) premium if you dont already have it. You gotta be worth it. Since we are a extremely competitive clan we believe the best players should have the best positions , Your Position as 1* 2* Gen. , Captains, and recruiters can always be taken at anytime by the better player. So step your game up !

      We need to fill in these positions






      We are a competitive clan and unless your KD is above 1.5(1.3-4 may be considered) you cannot join.

      We have much to offer the best of the best. and will be leveling up our clan as fast as we can.

      Check website: irek.enjin.com


      We have many things to offer to you guys. We have a strict NO CHEATING policy. If we are gonna reach the top we rather do it the hard cruel and long way. We are trying to be TRUE ELITES