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    Official Weapon Balance Feedback Thread.

      Hello Everyone,


      I urge you to read this entire post before responding.


      It has become evident to me that IW does not have a particularly good dialogue with the community about weapon balance and they seem a bit out of tune to what the majority of MW3 players think about weapon balance.  When I look at the general feedback on MW3 weapons, whether it be on Twitter, YouTube, these forums, or chat in game, and then compare it to IW's current stated stance on the current weapon balance in MW3, there seems to be a bit of a disconnect.


      I believe part of the problem is the fact there isn't one centralized, organized place to discuss weapon balance and only weapon balance.  There are "X is OP" and "X is underpowered" threads here and there, and then those general complaint threads that have weapon balance feedback but usually become flooded with other topics and complaints anything in the game, resulting in a thread with no clearly defined topic or direction.  Twitter also isn't exactly an ideal place to discuss weapon balance either as fourzertwo won't be able to keep track of all the feedback by himself amidst a mountain of tweets ranging from lag to spawns to glitches where weapon feedback often gets lost in the mix.


      So this is a thread specifically dedicated to feedback and suggestions about MW3 weapon balance.  This thread will be limited to ONLY weapons, both primaries and secondaries, and should not include discussion about perk balance, killstreak balance, or anything else.  At some point I might also create specific threads for those as well, but currently there seems to be more dialogue about weapons than perks or killstreaks or attachments.


      If you want your feedback to be heard and considered by the developers, it must be clear, concise, and coherent.  This means you can't come in here throwing insults and profanity and raging/screaming "OMFG!!1!!! DIS GUN iZ S000 OVERPOWERDZZZ U GUIZ SUCK IW iZ GAI NERF IT NA00WW!!!!11!ONE!!" and expect your feedback to be read, let alone taken seriously.  If you are going to claim that a weapon is overpowered/underpowered, you need to back up your claim with well-constructed arguments.  Don't just state that a weapon is imbalanced and walk away; give reasons as to WHY a given weapon is imbalanced, and give suggestions about how you believe it should be adjusted.  It would certainly help you to provide statistical proof to back up your arguments as well.  A good example would be: "X has a fire rate of 850 rpm, but it should be 700 instead because it has a bullet damage of 42 combined with recoil values of 30-30 (horizontal) and 40-10 (vertical)."


      All weapon statistics can be found here:


      Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Light Machine Guns, Machine Pistols, and Handguns: https://docs.google.com/a/students.calvin.edu/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmWEaU8N7Nedd EprUWFkQi1ZWFU0eGItNGwzZG1oSXc#gid=0


      Shotguns: https://docs.google.com/a/students.calvin.edu/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmWEaU8N7Nedd FlNRk44SHkydC1ucE54YmVBS2FJT0E#gid=0


      Snipers: https://docs.google.com/a/students.calvin.edu/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmWEaU8N7Nedd HNhUlJxZ3RMd1NnVUVDNEtmYUR4SWc#gid=0


      OR an easier to read but only partially-completed list here: http://symthic.com/?s=mw3


      If you need any help interpreting any weapon data, feel free to ask me.


      I will largely be staying out of the conversation in this thread, and instead I will be "moderating" it (i.e. reporting posts that need to be, like flaming/insulting, or posts that generally lead the discussion off-topic) and doing my best to keep the discussion guided and on-topic.  I will be updating this post every day to make sure it stays near the top until it hopefully gets stickied at some point.


      Post away!

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          1. Re: Official Weapon Balance Feedback Thread.

          Out of curiosity, would you prefer this thread to deal specifically with "weapons", or can it include Perks/Death Streaks that we feel should be tweaked too?

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            2. Re: Official Weapon Balance Feedback Thread.

            AA-12 potential buffs:


            - Increase base range or damage

            - More starting ammo (3 extra reserve mags)

            - and a headshot multiplier.






            I got 3 hit markers on a guy's head tonight, made me pretty mad to know that, had I been using anything other than a shotgun, he may have died.


            So I was on Arkaden, and this guy was head glitching behind the window in remodeling. I throw down my motion sensor which revealed his position.


            Knowing his locationg, I run in, shoot him 3 times square in the face (the only part of him not in cover) to no avail and he kills me before I can do anything else.


            Apparently I didn't do enough damage, but its not like I was missing him, I was shooting him directly in the face. Dun! Dun! Dun! - dead -


            3 hitmarkers from an AA-12 with Damage, and we're talking 10-12ft tops. I just don't understand how that's fair for shotgun users, because it takes most other guns 1-2 bullets to kill if you shoot them in the head, but obviously not shotguns.


            I realy truly wish I had the hardware and software to make videos, because I would be happy to provide the videographic evidence from this occurence. I don't unfortunately, but that doesn't make this sort of event any less annoying for me and other shotgun users.








            You know, I wouldn't mind the AA-12's post-1/25th-patch so much if the other guns weren't so dominate. All the AR's and SMG's have more damage, range, higher rate of fire, bigger mags, more accuracy, and more reserve ammo.


            Shotguns will always be outranged, thats a given, a downfall of using a shotgun I can live with that. But why should it take me 3 shots (with damage) to kille somebody with my AA-12 when their PP90 or ACR can kill me in the same amount of shots, HOWEVER:


            - they have a higher rate of fire

            - they have a superior range

            - they have more reserve ammo

            - they have a bigger mag

            - they have more attachments and an overall more flexible weapon system


            Something's got to give, I speak on behalf of shotguns users.






            See my thread: Petition to buff the AA-12


            Last Edited: Feb 29, 2012 1:09 AM
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              3. Re: Official Weapon Balance Feedback Thread.

              As I said in the OP I'd like this thread to be limited to only weapon balance =)


              although I might create another balance feedback thread specifically for perks and killstreaks at some point.  Right now there just seems to be a lot more talk about the weapon balance though.


              You could make one too if you wanted

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                4. Re: Official Weapon Balance Feedback Thread.

                In terms of just weapons though, here's what I'd like to see:


                Dragunov - 1.5 chest and above Multiplier, making it on par with CoD4's version, so that it's useful again.


                Type 95 - Damage changed to 40-30. This allows it to be a 3hko at closer ranges, but in exchange for losing some of it's CQ power, it gains some long-distance capability so that it only takes 4 hits at a distance instead of 5.


                MP7 - I'd like to see a little recoil added to it. Nothing terrible, just enough that it doesn't have long-range sniper capability when fired full auto. It's recoil is currently very minimal.


                LMGs in General - I'm not sure what kind of buffs should go to these, but they're really just not that great for most situations. Maybe allow them to have some higher long-range damage capabilities.

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                  5. Re: Official Weapon Balance Feedback Thread.

                  this should help


                  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmWEaU8N7NeddEprUWFkQi1ZWFU0eGItNGw zZG1oSXc#gid=0


                  the fmg has the highest fullauto rpm and the p99 has the fastest rpm overall O.o

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                    6. Re: Official Weapon Balance Feedback Thread.

                    Definitely agree about the LMGs, shame not seeing them used nearly as much in MW3 as they were in past titles =(

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                      7. Re: Official Weapon Balance Feedback Thread.

                      Yes but this is only true if you are using a rapid-fire modded controller, which isn't what IW intended players to do.  Barret .50 cal, Dragunov, and RSASS also have a 1200 RPM trigger limit.

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                        8. Re: Official Weapon Balance Feedback Thread.

                        no its also true for those on pc who use their mouse to fire like me

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                          9. Re: Official Weapon Balance Feedback Thread.

                          Really? You can click your mouse 1200 times in 1 minute?

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