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    Game Types on New Maps

      Good morning,

      I wanted to put forth a request for Drop Zone on the two new maps that just came out. I realize that IW receives many requests but I thought I would put this request out there anyway. Liberation would be a CRAZY map for this game type and just the thought spurred me to get this request out on the forums.


      What do you guy's/gals think?


      Am I asking too much?


      Thank you for your time.

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          Re: Game Types on New Maps

          The excuses to; Why can't we play our preferred game mode with the elite maps (dlc)? Has always been the matchmaking system can't/won't handle it in an acceptable manner, or due to the limited number of members in elite the lobbies would be too diluted to be functional.


          tweets to 402


          "I'm a elite founder but can only play dlc in moshpit? really"

          "Why isn't it in general rotation yet? (new map)


          Response from 402 (Robert Bowling)


          "Because that would seriously damage matchmaking quality until all users have access to them. They'll be added in Match."


          So folks he believes everyone will be happy in march when the general public gets them.


          But guess what in April when the next dlc comes out we will be stuck with moshpit again. If we are only going to get one lobby the format of that lobby should be modified.


          Based that this is it going forward for the dlc drops there will be in future only ONE CORE & ONE HARDCORE lobby for now on. What constructive solutions can you suggest to modify play in that lobby that can make that lobby more pleasant than it is now?


          My suggestion is posted on this thread



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