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    Hosting a 3v3 Tournament(PS3) Prize at Stake For The WINNER(Read to Learn More)

      If you are interested in participating reply below. Some info is on the website: irek.enjin.com


      When: March 9th 2:30-5:30pm ET( Finals might be another day)

      How Do I Apply: Reply below letting me know your interested. and add me Universol_Leader

      What are the Rules: Have fun be friendly and come to compete. NO CHEATING.

      What will it be: Guns

      How many teams: Currently 6

      How many players do i Need: Just 3 of any kind

      How many teams can my Clan have: As many as you want

      Is there a prize: of course winnig team and its members will get COD Elite premium paid for by me. Or a 20$ PSN Gift Card

      For more info reply below(: