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    Best Xbox 360 Controller for CoD: MW3

      Has anyone come across an Xbox 360 controller, other than the standard one that comes with the system, which they prefer to use for MW3 multiplayer?  Before anyone posts a response, let me be clear, I am not looking for a modded controller.  I am not looking for rapid fire.  I am not looking for auto-reload.  I am not looking for something that has 20 buttons, glows in the dark and air conditions my hands while I am playing a game.  I'm just wondering if there are any controllers on the market, which are more conducive for fast paced online play.  Lately, while using my standard 360 controller, my hands have been cramping up big time.  It's actually gotten so annoying that I tried creating and using a sniper class just so I wouldn't have to run or move around as much.  Aside from the fact that I don't enjoy using sniper rifles (I don't have the patience to sit and wait for a kill...ADHD), every time I clicked the stick to hold my breath I ended up slowly moving out of my sniping position because the hold breath button is the same stick that controls your movement!  I'm sure with time and practice I would have figured out how to resolve that issue, but to be honest I don't want to play a class I don't enjoy just so that my hands won't cramp up like I am an 80 year old man.  So, back to my question.  Are there any legit controllers out there that others have found more comfortable to use?  I'm not even 30 years old, so I shouldn't feel rheumatic every night while playing COD.  And yes, I have already tried surfing the web.  Unfortunately, the third party companies making modded controllers seem to have a stranglehold on the search engines, since they were 99% of the search results.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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