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    We can all do our part..

      If us legit player want to make this a better game , all we have to do is help the ban-team.There is alot of way's to report players.The reason i say this is to help with the Elite competitions.If the problem is that its takin to long for them to check the boosters then maybe by us giving them gt's in advance then the prosess would go quicker..( They could allready have a eye out for the people that have been temp-banned)


      Bancandy----   http://community.callofduty.com/people/c1b0dc74d07e476ecf8d781e3744f613


      The anticheat team --- @InfinityWard


      402   --  https://twitter.com/#!/fourzerotwo


      He posted that videos would help but not necessary...just a GT,PSN and they could look them up.Just do your best to make sure.Otherwise you will loss creditablity.


      Just my two cents..Anything to get( help ) the clan ops going...