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    Ladder system

      Just a little discussion I want going, but after playing Starcraft 2 extensively I thought that Call of Duty could incorporate it somehow. In Starcraft 2, there are 6 leagues players play in, and these are dependent on your skill level (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond and master) Players can advance or are demoted between these leagues depending on their win records, and if they are still actively playing.


      A system like this could work for all Call of Duty games, suppose there was a separate game section specialised for this. Players could enter these game modes and advance through the leagues and be against competition on the same level.


      There would not have to be any rewards a player could get, outside of prestige rewards such as titles and emblems.


      I've not completely thought through this idea so I'm not sure how things such as teams with different league ratings could play together. But just a discussion idea

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          Re: Ladder system

          I like this idea, but I feel the game play and lag make MW3 far too inconsistent to provide a good ranking system. I honestly have games I go 10 and 10 in TDM because of lag and inconsistent play, but then will string together 5-6 games where I go 25-5. My k/d is .92 but there are nights where I will play and average between 1.5-3.0 for my k/d. Quality of gameplay is far to random/lucky for a system like this to be in place IMO, though it would be nice if they could do something like that based on your connection speed so you didn't have to play with all the cheap-o's who have crap internet and get a crutch for it.

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              Re: Ladder system

              The p2p servers would be a problem because of host connection advantage, not to mind other things such as lag switching. And with other games that have dedicated servers, these do have non-bias so they would work much better.

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