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    I love when Quickscopers complain.......

      about getting tore up with a shotty. I joined a game of domination against a team of quickscopers and they must have been on a roll for a few games pounding on the lobby. The game was halfway over with my team losing (always happens when I join a game) pretty badly. I proceeded to dump on the other team, and ended the game 15-5 with 4 captures. Next game, I get a bunch of randoms on my team against these quickscopers. Map is Resistance.......so I bust out my gold Usas12 with range and emags and perk setup of Blindeye Pro, Blastshield Pro, and Sitrep (Not your typical shotty setup, but a dom setup) C4, EMP grenade, and RPG as a secondary with specialist of Steady Aim Pro, Dead Silence Pro, and Sleight of Hand Pro Other team has 5/6 players quickscoping and sniping. I use the shotty like a quickscoper does for close engagements, I tap left trigger, square up, and fire quickly for close engagements if I'm not caught by surprise. I hipfire at range while strafing left or right to avoid being quickscoped. I also threw in some drop shots with the Usas12, shooting once on my way down. My team proceeds to win by about 20 points, I go 42-12 with most captures in the game. These dudes were so butthurt, that they immediately started whining in the lobby and shoot me  "fan" mail, telling me I'm cheap and what not. Bahahahah so I check the lobby leaderboard.......I'm like 56,000 or something.......these guys are all below 20,000 with 2 being under 1000. I have about 250 more captures than most of them, but like 15,000-20,0000 less kills then all of them. I died laughing hysterically at being called cheap by quickscopers for using a shotty like they use a sniper rifle.


      It gets better.......they stay in the lobby complaing and talking trash about how I'm gonna get wrecked cuz the next map is Interchange and they'd like to see me go positive with a shotty against their sniper rifles. Game starts, I'm using the same set up as before and quickly climb to 15-4 with 3 captures running around with the Usas12 and range. Wouldn't you know, the game stops and connection to server is lost. I get dashboarded on and laugh even harder. I then get a message from one of them, probably the dude I beat on the most, "ur a *** for using a shotgun." I love how my sexual orientation is derived from me using a shotty on a map where a shotgun would be at a disadvantage. Too bad I'm married to a wonderful woman, and have a child on the way. Anyhoo, my response was simply "U mad bro?". My buddy was sitting here watching the entire thing and pissing his pants at how bad I dumped on these dudes, and then get called cheap by quickscopers. Anyone else run into situations/games like this? Please share.