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    Are youtube videos an illusion?

      Ive had a few of the big youtubers as allies over the past 2 years,not naming any names, and I can see how theyre going for recordings every game etc, but when they get an average start they quit after 3-4 mins of the game. But it must be a pretty poor affair when you play the game and are hoping to bump into scrubs constantly , in order to get that recorded illusion of the perfect game. Making it appear your a beast when you arent? Constantly quitting lobbys after a 2-2 start.....


      The other day, me and mate I know from youtube who`s allied with Dazran 303, accidentaly bumped him, he was in a 4 man party, and we r@ped him would be the best way to put it.  My mate made excuses for him saying he`s wasnt in a proper full party etc, despite the fact that old dazzler went 13-20.


      So I just played my 1st game of the day, and im in a tdm on Fallen, which old dazzler boy is MVP and he`s something like 22-6, the rest of the players are scrubs. Im on his team and catch the backend of the game going 12-1. Next game he stays in the lobby. I know its him, coz he`s level 80 1st prestige, which he is, and I msg my mate who`s allied with him and ask if he`s online and he is. So im thinking were gona be on diff teams , coz were the only players with a +2 kdr, im 2.18 and I think he was 2.44. The rest are like 0.60 guys. BUT oh no, the player matching system puts us on the same team!!


      So I thinks, right , tryhard head on, my own personal challenge, try to beat Dazzler, same map, same enemy, try to beat him. I get a flyer, 3 double kills in the 1st maybe 30secs, get my cobra up, get another 2 kills ,strafe up, checks leaderboard and old Dazzler is 1-1, strafe gets my pavelow and im suddenly 16-0, checks to see where Dazzler is and he`s 2-3, THEN he vanished.


      WHY OH WHY OH WHY OH WHY do they make the game into a job!! And it makes me think that these youtube guys who upload moabs etc every other day, must be playing sooooooooooooo many matches to get that youtube vid.


      Speaking of which, again not naming names, only last night, an ally of mine, an up and coming youtuber, got me in a 5 man party and said words to the affect of "Listen guys, I want a MOAB in this game, so can you guys NOT kill anyone, just cap a few flags and die a few times, i`ll get my radar out and try to record a MOAB", id never actualy heard anything like that before so I promptly left the game. I mean really, whats the point???

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          Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?

          OMG, look at the links under a Dazran vid He`s nearly as bad as Whiteboy, when he said he`d been robbed and he hadnt, just to get views


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            Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?

            Yea beast youtubers have to play alot man. They want good gameplay to impress their viewers and get better ratings. I used to do the whole youtube thing and there were times where i would refuse to get off even though i was so angry. It's all about getting that fantastic gameplay and uploading it no matter what. They know they can do it so they refuse to turn the game off so they jsut rage quit to a new lobby... It's a pride thing.


            Doing the whole thing RUINS CoD! When i stoped worrying about it and just stoped making video CoD became much more enjoyable. I didn't feel like driving myself crazy over a few stupid gameplays. The problem is that Dazran and Conboy are in over their heads and are past the point of stopping.

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              Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?

              Beast...I don't understand why you have to constantly brag about beating all these people.  Daz is an ally of mine as well as Fate/Huntin' Noobs/MadMike.  I play with them and usually have the top score.  In fact I played today with them about 8 matches and was top score 6 times.  They are good players just like you and me, but they are getting paid to post content that is watchable.  Who wants to watch someone go 18-12 or 27-16.  They have to rage quit lobbies if they are recording; or else they will be never get the video they need to post that day.  Seems to me bud, you head is starting to swell as of late.  Hope I'm wrong...

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                  Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?

                  Fate, Huntinnoobs and madmike don't get payed for uploading videos, just dazran.

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                      Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?


                      I understand that, my point is they are all trying to get quality gameplay out to their subs.  I'm sure Fate, Noobs and MadMike all want to get the point of being payed however, so they are all trying to get the right content that will boost their sub ratings.  Pwnstar did a great video explaining this a few weeks ago and even said that CoD has become work and goes into the details of just how tiring it is to constantly rage matches.  I recommend watching the video, it gives great insight into a very successful commentator.



                      I agree with you on your comments of their arrogance.  If I were, commentating I would be as cordial and friendly as possible to someone saying they enjoy my work.  After all, the subs are the ones that hopefully will pay your bills.  But after watching that Pwnstar video, it really brought all the trials these guys go through to light.  I for one enjoy a good game play, however, I'm like you, the better the commentary the better the video.  But, it's nice to see a really good video overlayed with a great topic and discussion.



                      Following up, I don't mean any disrespect, but since Blops I've always considered you a great player and easy going "adult" on these forums.  It just seems as of late that you are almost relishing in the idea of stirring the pot.  Hope that's not the case.  Just keep being friendly and kicking ass.  It fits you best in my opinion.

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                          Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?

                          Non taken mate, ive been spending too much time with the DMC guys Im a bit irksome lately due to my hours changing at work, and 7 puppies running round the house, and the wife working most of the day, so I have all the chores to do, so I only get to game at night, when im exhausted, and its american host time, so im generally very laggy, and maybe thats coming across in my posts. I dont mean it too.


                          Regarding me being good, im far from it, thats the reason I play Domination, it gets me up there near the mvp spot, playing tdm with the likes of exceed/mathers/porkins/caekz/penguin/you/fissure/ and many other allies I have, I cant compete, and find it hard going. Im decent at domination, and thats what I like to play. If I ever boast about stuff, its to boost my self confidence, because I know my limitations. Once your confidence goes at this game, its time to pack it all up.

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                        Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?

                        I can understand the part of getting a good recording, but I probably can't fully understand it unless I was in their shoes. I look more at the quality of the commentary than the actual gameplay, but I could very well be the minority of YouTube viewers. The worst part though is when you meet these guys, and I think Beast is going through this stage where you realize that these guys really aren't always as nice or skilled as they seem in their videos. I've been in a lobby with Dazran twice where he makes racist remarks about Americans. I'm not insulted by it, but it showed me that this guy isn't always a friendly Irish man that is portrayed in the videos. Then again who would want to see that side of him in a video and who would want to see him going 13-6. I can understand it.


                        I think Beast is just starting to realize that these people on the videos is the better half of them. 


                        Plus I can only imagine how tired Conboy is of playing CoD every single day trying to get his juggernaut with every gun. I personally like to keep gaming as a hobby, and not more or less a profession, but that's beside the point. I still have lost a respect I had for Dazran and Conboy after seeing them raging in an actual game. I can understand why they rage, but at the same time I would think that with their name being well-known they'd at least try not to rage, but again I'm not a commentator so I can't fully understand. They both also seem to be stuck up when in lobbies like they're the best and everyone else is below them. For example I had this ten year old kid say to Conboy that he liked him a lot, and all Conboy did was ignore him, and keep talking to one of his akimbo fmg9 friends. I think that's a bit rude, but I'm not a commentator, and maybe he's sick of hearing it all the time. 


                        I personally think that both of those two commentators shouldn't portray themselves as MLG players, but rather as good players who do get beat like everyone else. If they wouldn't put themselves on a pedestal that they don't belong on, then it wouldn't be as much of a surprise to see them lose. But as our friend Beast learned, these guys don't always win, and I have to say it is pretty satisfying to say that you made Dazran rage quit, or you beat Conboy and all his friends. I wouldn't post it on here, but it's certainly something you don't forget. 


                        I hope you can at least partially understand where I'm coming from I tried to keep it as organized as I could, but it's still a bit scrambled. I can't fully understand the commentator state of mind, but I still think that these two could use some improvements on how they portray themselves. For the last time though, I'm not a commentator so I guess I can't fully understand.

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                            Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?



                            He's a legitimate player with a 5.8+ KDR and over 150 MOABs to date. He also has more lag than others.


                            Its also completely normal for a good player to think everyone else in the lobby is below them. If your a good player, your assumption will usually be correct. You just have to understand that "being below them" means them being worse at the game. For example, every FFA game I join I always assume everyone is below me, I say this because I have the evidence that backs it up. In the whole time I've played FFA (which is my favourite game mode), I have lost about 3-5 games (not including ones I join late). I should also mention that 98% of the time, my FFA games are a 1-bar connection. In other words, the 3-5 games I lost are because of my connection, not because of their skill

                            The bad connection at least gives me a bit of a challenge and makes losing a possibility against a decent player. If I had their connection I would most likely never lose a game once ever.

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                            Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?

                            lol, I suck man, I cant live with you


                            The point of the thread was askiing if these youtube vids are an illusion, and what it must be like to have to keep quitting games to get recordable vids.


                            Yes I deleted Conboy a while back coz he kept quitting and leaving me and 3 noobs vs full partys, and it irked me a lot.


                            The point is, I suck at the game, im laggy as hell mainly, but thats in no wayan excuse,at 36 my reflexes arent the best, and my allies are that good, you included,  so I know how bad I actually am, thats why I play domination, its the only way I can keep up, and yet im amazed when I go against these people, I get all jittery and expect tough games, and they arent as good as they appear in their vids, not even close. Are all the vids against scrubs?

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                            Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?

                            I know what your saying. I ran into him last night at Dome. Needless to say that I killed him 3 times almost in a row at the beginning of the match. Next thing you know, poof, he be gone. It is funny how when you watch the videos the guys look all perfect but when they meet quality opponents they fail. His videos are very misleading. 

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                                Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?

                                who are we talking about here?

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                                    Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?


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                                        Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?

                                        I think that only me and N rage from the Corner Campers due to hosting. I can go 1-7 and try to pull it back, and a 2-2 start is pretty damn good if I am in a party. Enh. It your gonna do youtube, do it because you enjoy it. If you get stuck into a loop where you have to look like a god, you have got yourself some problems. The Corner Campers use others gameplay to help other channels, and really are okay saying we rage, and that we don't do well. Well, aside from Tony Soprano over there.

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                                            Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?

                                            lol @ Tony Soprano! Thats my line


                                            Elpresador has it down to a tee, his kdr is like 1, he genuinley doesnt care, people view for his funny angry commentarys, and his classic 1 liners. Other gamers are following suit. Nanners is very easy to listen too, etc etc, the days of just straight gameplays that are good are on the wane. Some people havent got the jist of it yet, but the gameplay only commenatries are on the way out imvho

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                                                Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?

                                                I don't think that is true. If one actually watches montages and gets passed the console-wars and the dub-step haters in the comments, you will discover that good gameplay is still fun to watch. But constant good gameplay is not that important.


                                                For example, I recently attended a 3 day economic confrence. Our objective was to put together a fictional product and develop a business model to sell to a target region. We then had to compete against others in our region to win a fictional $1,000,000 from prospective investors. I could have been all erudite, and let out my scientific knowledge of the product I developed (laser to remove skin cancer), but instead decided to let my non-raging personality show through. This went off much better than had I tried to be very scientific and confuse my listeners.


                                                The same goes for Youtube commentators. Good gameplay is great, but if you don't have a personality, and you aren't funny, its not as fun to watch. Sure, I don't want to watch you camp and go 2-12, that is boring. But if you go even, or maybe even a bit negative, I don't care. Were you funny? Did what you were saying keep my attention? If yes, than I am fine listening to you.


                                                For players that are just looking to post up gameplays, and not so much care about commentating, they shouldn't be playing just for those gameplays. Just let them come. I mean, I raped house yesterday in a lobby of randoms, me unpartied. 6 consecutive games of 30+ kills. I don't usually do that. But I am not raging every game I don't do that. Its all a matter of perspective. If you are on Youtube because you enjoy the game and enjoy talking about it, and can let your personality come through, awesome. But if you are trying to use Youtube as a d**k-measuring tool, you have it all wrong.

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                                        Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?

                                        I know from personal experience that about 90% of the videos posted by these kind of people are there to show some awesome clips. You should never think that people like Dazran is amazing player based on his videos, but then again you should never make montages or gameplay videos showing that you're awesome player, people will start overrating you, and sometimes it might even jump in to your head and you start thinking that you're awesome even if you'd really suck.


                                        I was hanging with my old American buddies a while ago in CoD and most of them are nothing than snipers/quickscopers because they think that there is no other skill than sniping. Yet I was able to destroy every single one of my friends who were trying to snipe me, sure they're amazing snipers, but thats really it. Snipers are snipers, they're not full assault players unless they go akimbo noob. CoD doesn't allow you to do so because you'll get shot from every direction, unless you've got that SMG/AR buddy covering your ass.

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                                            Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?

                                            Dazran is not racist in the slightest, never in a million years! Look Dazran is just a laugher and a joker and will only shout back when he is started on first and I can vouch for that. Not that my opinion can actually change yours at all, I grew up with him as my was my neighbour and he still lives in the neighbouring park from me. Now I know that you do not have to believe me and to be honest that does not matter.


                                            Darren is one of the nicest and quietest guys I have ever known. Many of my mates still take the piss out of him for being a computer geek but yet he is the one making some cash out of it.

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                                            Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?

                                            We all ragequit, why does it make a difference if you're on youtube or not. I think everybody wants there best side to show on youtube, even me, and I am pretty bad at this game

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                                              Re: Are youtube videos an illusion?

                                              You could say the same about people with high KDs and Prestigers, if things aren't going teh way they want them to be, they just ragequit, I was playing with Bloop the other day randomly in a Team Defender and the other team started camping in Arkadden and he left, the rest of the match it was me and three other randoms and we went 7400-7500, my point is if we had ONE more decent player (aka the ragequitter) we coulda won but he dind't think it would make a good video so he left. I'm not blaming him that match was intense and really fun but still be a team player and learn to lose sometimes

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