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    iRek(Level 6) is recruiting new members. READ !

      iReK Clan is a PS3 community on PS3 for players who are skilled and mature no age cap. We Have inter-clan commpetions and rankings(we hosted one yesterday went really well.I will post videos soon). Competitive gameplay such as gamebattles and multi-clan tournaments. We are a new clan that started last week and are working to grow bigger, better as teammates, and go to the call of duty elite tournament. We Take our competitive divisions very seriously with frequent squad practices(quick scoping and guns) and scrimmages. I ensure you that if you join iRek your KD will boost and you will have a higher W/L ratio. We will help you achieve success by giving you Tips and Hints on the beest classes attachments and KillStreaks Our clan offers:







      1. A Youtube channel youtube.com/irekgamingcommunity

      2. Facebook page irekgaming

      3. Follow us twitter twitter.com/irekgaming

      4. Game battles competitive team

      5. Numerous casual teams

      6. Enjoyable clan tournaments and competition

      7. An active friendly forum of members

      8. And so much more

      9.Website: irek.enjin.com

      11. We also have ranks





      Our clan is based on unity, leadership and most of all maturity. We are a PS3 competitive and casual gaming clan. We are seeking competive players No matter the KD we WILL raise that up with practice and tips. We are here to boost your ability. We recently got silver in DOM Clan Ops and are waiting for exp.


      We are hoping to branch off to other systems such as Xbox 360 and PC. If you would like to help we will also enable you the status of Founder and give you a high authoritive status. Hope we get more recruits as we past levels !


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