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    I quit MW3, ive had enougH

      Hackers/Ragequitters/Trash Talkers/waiting 10hrs to get into a game/Deaths that arent my fault (cars-trash cans-random grenades)/Lag Compensation/etc etc etc, 1/2 bar connection `ALL` the time, this game has done nothing but frustrate me since it came out, so im through with it all, im getting my life back


      Ive deleted my MW3 profile, i`ll play a bit of BO to keep me ticking over, but no way on gods earth am I playing this game again. I said that IW sucked a few years ago, and nothings changed to alter my view.


      Anyone that wants to add me on BO ,feel free, 2560-7124-0793


      Hell, they`ve even managed to break the forum!!


      To those of you that have played with me, and to all my allies, cheers guys, its been a real blast, but im through, and if you ever feel like hooking up in BO you know where I am.


      I`ll pop back to the forum from time to time, and i`ll listen to the corner campers podcast, hopefully in the build up to BO 2


      Adios amigo`s