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    Modern Warfare Series Finished? WWII IW game? And Black Ops 2?

      So I don't know if it is true or not but its been said (Thank god) that the Modern Warfare series for CoD has finished completely since Makarov has died in MW3.


      I personaly hope this is true and would want IW to make a new multiplayer WWII (or WWI maybe? which will be a completely new CoD if they do) CoD game like there earlly work in CoD. Treyarch made there last WWII gamw World At War but i would like to see IWs take on the game again since they havent made one in years and make it completely different to WaW. In other words a Classic CoD game with loads of guns, maps etc... with a kick-a** campaign and what else would there be? Spec Ops WWII? Treyarch do zombies. So what do you think could be added?


      And Black Ops 2 personally i am looking forward to Black Ops 2 as i did enjoy Black Ops from 2010, What is your taking on Black Ops 2?

      A what new things do you think will be added? (even the guns, gameplay, campaign be like etc...)


      Just a few questions to see what the CoD community thinks of the future of CoD. What is your taking on these ideas?