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        Hey guys.  I couldn't get my other account to work (apparently I'm not the only one) so I just made a new one.  I hope using my same name doesn't mess things up when (if) we get the old forums back.  I've missed the HQ!

        @RS (or RD now, I guess) -  I see you're still making jokes about my age. (although I did hit the big 3-0 since we talked last)

        @Hawk - were those shepherd's pies you made "Commander" Shepherd's pies? (haha sorry lame joke, I know, but that's the first thing I thought of when I read that with you being such a big ME fan and all.)


        I sent a message to News Lad to see if he had any updates on the old forums but I haven't heard back from him yet.  I'm not sure if I like the layout of these forums yet (will this thread roll over into a new page or will it be an endless list of posts to scroll down?)  Also, I don't think we can copy and paste.  I actually wrote this post on a different program and then tried to copy and paste and it wouldn't let me.  That would make your story writing pretty tough.  I do hope that they've done some upgrading on the old forums if we ever get them back.  They'll probably be even more dead than before (except for a few of us die-hards) since they've been down so long but it would be nice to have the familiar surroundings back.


        I'm getting excited for the Avengers!  I've been reading a lot of what Joss Whedon has been saying about it and it sounds really good.  I've somehow exerted a massive amount of self control and haven't watched the most recent trailer (trying to save as many"WOW" moments for the theater as possible.)  I hear it's pretty awesome.  I know it's going to be really hard to resist watching trailers and reading too much info as the release date gets closer. 

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          Wow, 30?!  Man, that's a big milestone.  I'll finally hit 20 in a few weeks, actually, so I know what it's like to get so old... Or maybe not...


          Oh, I bet you have a secret NewsLad-signal, like Commissioner Gordon or something.  Copy and pasting doesn't work?!  Well, that could definitely be a problem, then.  Won't be able to post stories here then... Yeah, I'm not sure how many people will go to the forums, if they get fixed finally.  Maybe they're trying to get them fixed in time for some big new game they're working on.  Probably not. 


          Don't worry, you will end up watching the trailer.  You're not gonna be able to hold off for another 2 months!

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            Hey Jad!  Good to see you've joined up.


            Haha, I did think about the Shepard pun when I was making em, though I didn't make them in honor of Mass Effect.  I was thinking more of a St Paddy's Day thing and it seemed interested that the recipe I found was of Mini Shepherd's Pies you make in a muffin pan.


            You can change the thread layout by clicking on your own name to open your profile and there's a Edit Preferences link that lets you pick the normal look.  I also just checked and I seemed to be able to copy and paste.  I didn't try posting it though, cause then you'd see of my unfinished chapter, haha.

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              Hey, how's it going tonight, Hawk?


              I'm trying to figure out how to copy and paste here, but the option to paste isn't popping up... How'd you get it to work, Hawk? 

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                I'm doing good!  I'm trying to think of what I want to say to the Mass Effect twitter account about the crappy ending since they're asking people what they didn't like about it.  It's hard to convey all the problems in 140 characters though.


                Copy everything then press Ctrl+V to paste it in the text box. 

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                  Haha, it's not a good sign for the ending that you can't describe all it's problems in a small amount of text.  I'm guessing you saw the statement by Hudson about it, and how it's "unforgettable."  It sounds like it's not the good kind of "unforgettable." 


                  Hey, would you look at that?!  It works!

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                    Yeah, Mass Effects fans weren't too thrilled by that quote, haha.


                    Awesome!  Shouldn't have a problem posting any chapters then.

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                      Haha, I could imagine.  I think he might've said the worst thing he possibly could've said... outside of "You can buy the true ending for $50" (which, knowing that Bioware is owned by EA, is probably coming later).


                      Yeah, and all the cool formatting stuff this place has could actually be useful.  I'm thinking I should have the new chapter up tonight, possibly.  I just wanna read through it one more time, but I think it's ready to go.

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                        Thanks Hawk.  I'll have to mess around a little more with the options and see how everything works.

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                          @Jad - Yup, there's a few little features there like private messages and friends that the old forum didn't have!


                          @Rogue - Haha, there is rumors that there's a DLC being worked on called "The Truth" which is the real ending, but there's no evidence it's true.  Just some guy claiming to be the same person to leak multiplayer DLC which we don't know if true either.


                          Sweet, you gonna repost chapter one too?

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